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August 23, 2010 By cocoastep

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is a simple font browser for designers, developers, and the curious. The application dynamically lists iPad's available...

June 17, 2008 by

One True Piefecta

Meanwhile, back at The Ministry…For Operation Cleanup on the intranet, I needed a 3 column CSS layout, and I opted for One True Layout to create the page layout — cross-browser, fixed width, any order columns, fairly simple to understand. All in all, rather a neat solution, thank you Alex Robinson.

April 1, 2008 by

A firefighting beetle robot

According to Popular Science, German researchers have designed firefighting robots mimicking beetles. The OLE robotic beetle (short for 'Offroad Löscheinheit' -- which means 'off-road extinguishing apparatus' in German) has been developed at the University of Magdeburg-Stendal. The OLE would be 'autonomous and guided by GPS, infrared and heat sensors and could be equipped with tanks of water and powdered fire-extinguishing agents.' According to the developers, such a robot would cost between $125 and $200K. But a small army of 30 OLEs could survey a 7,000 square kilometers area. But read more...

March 2, 2011 By NicholasPufal

Lorem Ipsum Generator

It uses a minimalist and well looking design. Many other extensions of this type simply complicate this task, using really extensive...

September 5, 2007 by

Focus: Office 2.0 Conference

At the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, start-ups and speakers are out to prove that a Web browser and online services are all a computer user needs.

April 22, 2006 by

Caution -- double hyphen yields this mess of a post

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