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December 15, 2010 By Rafael Castro

Index Your Files - Home

Search Files for Windows with Index Files and Advanced Features. Index Your Files is an alternative way for you to Index and Search...

February 1, 2010 By EMCO Software

Emco LAN File Search

EMCO LAN File Search is a fast and secure file searching utility for LAN/WAN networks. You can search for specific file names including...

February 2, 2011 by

Google augments Docs file search capabilities

Google has rolled out new functionality for its Docs product that makes it easier for people to search for the various files they have uploaded to the cloud-based service.For the last year or so, Google Docs users have been able to upload a variety of file types to the service, which began life as a text document collaboration product.

July 19, 2005 By Intellisoft

WinSearch Pro

WinSearch Pro is a search utility, which is based on the fastest and high performance search engine. Search files, changes, duplicates...

September 28, 2009 by

Windows 7 demo: Search tools

A terabyte here, a terabyte there, and pretty soon you're talking about some pretty serious information overload. It doesn't matter how well organized you are, once your collection of data files and other digital stuff gets big enough, you're going to need some help finding things. ZDNet's Ed Bott takes a closer look at the search tools in Windows 7 and shows you how you can use them to make your digital life a little more organized.

April 16, 2009 by

Pirate Bay court case bad news for students

The news broke a few hours ago that the creators of The Pirate Bay, one of the largest search repositories for torrents for music, videos, games and, let's face it, high quality porn, are heading to prison after being found guilty of breaking copyright laws.I am no stranger to the dark side of the Internet, the downloading of illegal files and whatnot.

September 15, 2008 by

Google Desktop gets huge performance boost

Google Desktop is an application that resides on your computer, and does a couple of things that people might find useful. The software indexes all your files, and lets you search through them at Google-speed.

June 17, 2008 by

10 top Vista tweaks, part 2

As I noted in the first installment of this series, some of my favorite productivity-enhancing techniques don’t involve custom code or registry edits. Instead, they involve learning how the basic building blocks of Windows work, and then rearranging those components to cut steps out of the tasks you perform most often. In today’s installment of this two-part series, I share some of my favorite tweaks for getting maximum mileage out of Windows Search. I also explain the inner workings of volume shadow copies and how you can make better use of these automatic backups with System Restore and the Previous Versions feature. I show how to get quick access to your local and network data files by combining shortcuts in a single, easy-to-reach location, and I explain why hybrid sleep should be the default on every desktop PC.

June 27, 2007 by

Google Desktop for Linux

Developed in Google's Beijing engineering office, Google Desktop for Linux is ready for prime time. This software is finally available on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) -- providing quick access to files on your computer through the desktop search utility.


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