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September 17, 2015 By Sepgame

Razor X Laser SpaceShip

free space combat games top gun thunder missile fake razor kill the boss and destroy themContent rating: Everyone

October 29, 2014 By shaaf shah

Alien Planets Destroyer Solar

Alien Planets Destroyer In The Solar System is 100% FREE game for ANYONE, also there is no In-App-Purrchase system so you can enjoy...

October 9, 2008 by

Inside an early star-forming galaxy

U.S. astronomers from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have used adaptive optics (AO) on the 10-meter Keck Telescope in Hawaii in conjunction with other images provided by the Hubble Space Telescope to look inside a young star-forming galaxy as it appeared only two billion years after the Big Bang. The team made their observations by coupling two techniques, gravitational lensing and laser-assisted guide star (LGS) adaptive optics. 'Adaptive optics corrects the blurring effects of Earth's atmosphere by real-time monitoring of the signal from a natural guide star or an artificial guide star.' But read more...

December 22, 2006 by

From plane to satellite by laser

If you ever used an Internet connection in a plane, you probably think that it's easy to communicate between an aircraft and a satellite. This is true for 'traditional' data relay applications. But recently, a European Space Agency (ESA) satellite relayed optical laser links from an aircraft over a distance of 40,000 km for the first time. It remains to be seen if this kind of optical technology can be used for routine applications. However, it is attractive because it provides interference-free communications.

June 29, 2006 by

Discovery's safety checked by laser

NASA really wants to know if it will be safe for its shuttle to come back to Earth. So it will check the exterior of Discovery from the ground to improve safety when it's launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A laser system will be on board of Discovery to check in real time to see if the shuttle is damaged or not.

March 1, 2006 by

How NASA can help detectives

With a new photographic laser device developed to check damages on the Space Shuttle, NASA is going to help the FBI to investigate crime scenes. The Laser Scaling and Measurement Device for Photographic Images (LSMDPI) was designed to look at objects in space, but it will also be used on Earth for law enforcement.

October 30, 2005 by

Symbol Technologies

From the days of its first handheld laser barcode scanner in 1980, Symbol has come a long way in the enterprise mobility space. To date, the company holds more than 800 patents in all areas of mobile technology, including mobile computing, wireless infrastructure, radio frequency identification (RFID), mobility software, services and data capture.

April 5, 2004 by

Burnt-out Mt Stromlo research centre up again

The Canberra Mt Stromlo Space Research Centre is back on its feet after the devastating bush fire that destroyed the facility in January 2003.The Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources Ian Macfarlane officially opened the Geoscience Australia Satellite Laser Ranging facility last week.

April 3, 2003

Lexmark tones up for printer fight

Sources say Lexmark next week plans to give HP a battle for ink space by unveiling speedier laser printers as well as multifunction office machines that can print, scan and copy.


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