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September 24, 2010 by

Observe OSS best practices to avoid legal reprisals

As long as they stay updated with evolving patent landscape and utilize codes licensed under established patent registries, open source developers needn't worry about facing lawsuits similar to Oracle-Google Java saga, industry watchers note.

June 18, 2010 by

Suicide by victory: more on SCO

I was clearly wrong in predicting that the jury would find for SCO - but the fallout from the verdict is likely, I think, to be both worse for Linux and more surprising than anything, except the various fud campaigns and their consequences, that we've seen so far

April 2, 2010 by

A further note about SCO v. Novell

Groklaw cheering to the contrary, Novell's "victory" is really a victory for Microsoft and what Leslie Charteris would cheerfully have referred to as the forces of darkness. As a result the best thing Linux advocates can hope for is that the judge orders the copyrights transferred to SCO.

March 30, 2010 by

Why doesn't IBM just buy Novell already?

I actually started pondering this a few days before the Novell-SCO ruling on Tuesday clearly put Novell in an important position as a "[defender of] Linux on the intellectual property front." Why, you ask, would a Googley Edu blogger be thinking about major players in the enterprise Linux market?

April 27, 2009 by

OIN spearheads review of Microsoft FAT patents

The Open Invention Network is making good on its pledge to try to overturn the Linux-related patents that were contained in Microsoft's recently settled litigation against TomTomNV.OIN announced today that three patents in the lawsuit -- including those the deal with the creation of long and short file names -- have been named for prior art review on the Post-Issue Peer-to-Patent website linked to the Linux Defenders portal.

March 31, 2009 by

Linux Foundation: Let's kill Microsoft's FAT

The Linux Foundation is ready and willing to help companies get Microsoft's FAT out of their products.In his blog posted today about TomTom's settlement with Microsoft that was announced yesterday, foundation executive director Jim Zemlin said the case only proves that Microsoft was taking aim against Linux when it filed its lawsuit against TomTom last month and that it only undermines Microsoft's efforts to keep its technology relevant.

March 5, 2009 by

Microsoft: Litigate on FAT, and you'll be the next Unisys

Remember "Burn All GIFs" from 1999? In 2009, the Open Source mantra of choice could very easily turn into "Destroy all FATs"If you've been following the news in the Linux community, you've probably heard that Microsoft is currently in a lawsuit with Dutch GPS maker TomTom over what is believed to be a refusal on TomTom's part to cross-license long file name support in Microsoft's FAT32 technology.

March 2, 2009 by

OIN: Microsoft lawsuit won't slow Linux's lead in mobile market

Microsoft's lawsuit against TomTom is aimed at Linux but it won't deter the open source operating system's success in the mobile device market, said Open Invention Network's CEO.Open Invention Network CEO Keith Bergelt doesn't buy Microsoft's contention that the lawsuit, filed last week, is not targeting Linux.

February 26, 2009 by

Linux Foundation ready to fight Microsoft if TomTom lawsuit involves Linux kernel

The Linux Foundation insists it is equipped to fight Microsoft if the software giant’s lawsuit against TomTom impacts the open source Linux kernel.In his blog, Executive Director Jim Zemlin advised concerned parties to “calm down” in light of statements by Microsoft’s deputy general counsel that it is targeting TomTom’s GPS mapping software and not Linux.


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