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PasteCatcher runs a Bonjour client that copies text or image from your Macintosh clipboard to the iPhone pasteboard. To use this application,...

October 17, 2014 By Erica Sadun

Snow Leopard Server

Snow Leopard Server includes major updates to some of the OS's core components and is now fully 64-bit. Ease of use, plus simple and affordable licensing make OS X a viable alternative to Microsoft's Windows Server 2008, although we had problems with one or two features.

January 4, 2010 by

Maybe I was wrong about Mac Servers

After reading ZDNet storage majordomo Robin Harris' post this morning  I couldn't help but ponder the implications of Macs having a native implementation of Sun's ZFS network scalable file system in the latest versions of Mac OS X Snow Leopard client and Snow Leopard Server. Finally, a compelling reason to use Macs as file servers.

June 20, 2008 by

Are the OS wars a three-horse race?

A JupiterMedia study, reported on by ComputerWorld, shows the Mac OS X operating system taking some significant hunks of market share in mid-sized and large businesses.While the survey found 17-21% of desktops and 9-14% of server users had Macs, it doesn't mean that OS X has complete control of those shops, or that their market share is that high.

July 23, 2005 by

G3 servers on deck

After shoring up its desktop offerings with the new G3 Power Macs, Apple will reportedly turn its attention to its server line with two new systems scheduled for a January debut.Sources said Apple is preparing a pair of servers based on its new Power Mac G3 line, which uses the PowerPC 750 processor (see 11.

November 30, 1997 by

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