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March 28, 2013 By O&K Software


Prio is a utility for saving the priority of applications and interface enhancements for the standard Task Manager. The main purpose...

June 4, 2013 By ProgramBL

CPS Plus Professional DAQ

CPS Plus Professional data acquisition software enables serial devices like gps receivers, digital scales, magnetic stripe readers,...

December 21, 2005 By Vitaliy Pronkin


Moon and Mars support World Heritage add-on Rapid Fire MODIS add-on Demis WorldMap and VectorOverlay add-on WW2D is cross-platform,...

October 20, 2010 by

Telepresence's Sexxiest App: The Fookoo

The Fookoo Adult Entertainment System, from Japanese-based startup FooKoo Interactive, is heralded as the first Android-powered adult content streaming and interactive entertainment system for the masses.

May 28, 2010 by

Extreme Storage - EMC’s VPLEX and DDN Takeover Plan

Talk to the average Storage Engineer who manages the growth of your datacenter’s modular system about Petaflops, Exabytes, Petabytes of Archives or 1TB of sustained bandwidth and you’ll probably find them scratching their heads in disbelief. This is the reality that does exist in the world of super computing and what is sometimes referred to as Extreme Storage.

March 10, 2010 by

Apple’s iPhone developer agreement published (updated)

The EFF has posted one of Apple's most secret and most confidential documents – its developer agreement that all devs must sign in order to access the company's iPhone SDK.The EFF found a creative way to legally get and publish the document, an act that would surely invoke the Apple's legal wrath.

October 20, 2009 by

EvriChart: A Linux Success Story

Tony Maro, CIO of EvriChart, a hospital records management and archiving business, successfully migrated his company's Windows-based line of business document management extranet application and his employees' 40-odd Windows-based desktops to a 100 percent Linux-based server and desktop infrastructure.Jason Perlow interviews Tony Maro, CIO of EvriChart, Inc.


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