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April 17, 2014 By Bravura Software

Easy Computer Sync

Easy Computer Sync lets you quickly and easily synchronize data between two computers using a USB 2.0 Easy Transfer Cable. Designed...

May 25, 2010 by

Netbooks quickly being relegated to niche

The data points highlighting slower netbook growth ahead are beginning to stack up. Simply put, consumers are opting for either tablets like the iPad or ultra-thin laptops over netbooks. The netbook is headed for niche-ville.

July 6, 2009 by

Sony announces $499 Vaio W netbook

Andrew wrote about the arrival of the 99 cent netbook yesterday and today we here about the $499 netbook from Sony. The 99 cent netbook really is the much pricier model because you have to combine that with a whopping $60/month data access fee. While the new Sony model is a bit expensive for a netbook today, it is actually the lowest price Sony laptop available. Sony previously launched their Vaio P ultra portable notebook, but that was priced at $899 and had a rather unique form factor.

February 2, 2012 By SafePatrol Solutions

Notebak Alarm

One of the most popular easy to use anti-theft and Identity Theft Protection applications with free options. Notebak Alarm is used...

May 29, 2009 by

Hands-on: Verizon Wireless HP Mini 1151NR netbook (Updated 2x)

First scooped in February then confirmed in March Verizon Wireless’ first netbook — the HP Mini 1151NR — began shipping on 17 May 2009 (the same day as VZW's MiFi personal hotspot).Priced at $199 with a 2-year contract (after MIR) the 1151NR's price is subsidized by monthly data fees are either $40 or $60 per month.

March 3, 2009 by

Woman sues for $5K data bill; AT&T says 'read TOS'

A woman who received a $5,077 bill from AT&T for data charges on her Netbook is suing the wireless carrier and RadioShack for fraud, reports Jacqui Cheng at Ars Technica.The lawsuit alleges that the two companies conspired to promote a netbook plus data deal that deliberately misled customers and tricked them into paying thousands of dollars per month for service.

February 2, 2012 By SafePatrol Solutions

Notebak Anti-Theft

One of the most popular anti-theft protection applications that is highly recommended by PC Magazine, Notebak Anti-Theft is used for...

January 30, 2009 by

Solid State Drives and Data Loss

I was just looking at an announcement of the HP Mini 2140 netbook, and came across this gem:It features an 80GB solid state drive, a feature we're seeing more and more in netbooks these days, which means ultra fast start up times and quick processing of applications. They've bundled this in with the HP 3D Driveguard which contains a three axis digital accelerometer chip that automatically shuts down your screen when it gets knocked, protecting it from unexpected data loss.

December 15, 2008 by

MobileTechRoundup show #157, Kevin's solar experiment, Mobius, ShopSavvy

Kevin announced his new experiment to spend 30 days with his phone only being powered with a solar charge on MobileTechRoundup show #157. Follow his experiment over on jkOnTheRun to see if he can find enough sun and light in the winter to keep his device powered up. I attended the Mobius event last week and gave a short recap of the event and our roller skating contest on the podcast. James and I agreed that ShopSavvy is awesome on the T-Mobile G1 and James also mentioned the issue with turning off data when roaming internationally. We also talked a bit about the subsidized netbook.

October 16, 2003 by

Psion NetBook Pro

The NetBook Pro looks like a mini-notebook, yet runs the handheld-orientated Windows CE .NET 4.2 OS. Although it’s primarily aimed at corporate mobile workforces, we think it could have wider appeal.


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