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Easy Computer Sync

Easy Computer Sync lets you quickly and easily synchronize data between two computers using a USB 2.0 Easy Transfer Cable. Designed...

April 17, 2014 By Bravura Software

ZAGGfolio keyboard

Need to type on an iPad or Galaxy Tab? The ZAGGfolio gives you a Bluetooth keyboard and a sturdy but lightweight protective case, turning your tablet into more of a netbook.

March 27, 2012


On 2008, with its commitment to further strengthen the quality of technology education and information in the Philippines. INFOCHAT...

July 23, 2013 By John Allyza Liao

Asus previews quad-core Transformer tablet

Asus's Transformer tablet -- which converts quickly between a slim 10-inch Android tablet and a netbook -- has been quietly successful, and the Taiwanese company is preparing a more advanced version called Transformer Prime. This will be the first tablet to use Nvidia's impressive quad-core Tegra 3 processor, code-named Kal-El.

October 20, 2011 by

Smarter Battery

A battery monitoring utility for portable computers, intended to provide you with all the battery data, to help prolong its life and...

July 17, 2013 By Microsys

Can a netbook be a tablet? Dell Inspiron Duo

Back in 2000 or so I had a wonderful machine, a Vadem Clio. Actually I still have it: it was one of the first true tablet computers, a Windows CE hybrid device that let you rotate its screen into one of three positions: as an easel, as a small notebook device and as a tablet.

February 18, 2011

Hybrid tablets-netbooks to be niche

Two-in-one devices combining tablet and netbook experience are "complicated" to market and more costly than non-hybrid counterparts, making them appeal only to niche segment, analyst says.

January 13, 2011 by

CES: Asus debuts Eee tablet family

At CES 2011, Asus announced a new family of tablet devices using its "Eee" moniker, ranging from a pocketable 7-inch device with a stylus to a netbook-like device with a sliding keyboard.

January 4, 2011 by

Netbooks may evolve to remain relevant

Netbook category will remain, but its market share is being eroded by the emergence of tablet computers and cheaper laptops, say analysts who believe that netbooks will evolve with competition.

December 8, 2010 by

Jam tomorrow: Dell unwraps its Christmas offerings

Dell showed off a raft of new products in London yesterday, including the Inspiron Duo netbook/tablet, an all-in-one touch screen PC, an M101z netbook, and the latest Dell Streak mobile phone. One of Dell's staff also had a Venue Pro running Windows Phone 7.

November 23, 2010 by

Dell's flipping Inspiron Duo Tablet brings back memories

Dell showed its forthcoming Inspiron Duo Tablet at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF 2010) but it would be nice if it called it the Dell Flip, or at least the Dell Transformer. It’s a convertible -- it works either as a netbook PC or as an entertainment tablet -- but takes a different approach to swivelling the screen, as show in the video below.

September 17, 2010 by

BYOC - what does it mean for the industry?

As I travel from event to event, I've begun to notice a pattern. Attendees tell me that they're using a device such as a computer, an internet tablet, a netbook or a smartphone that they themselves purchased rather than using a company-supplied device.

July 27, 2010 by

Toshiba unveils dual-screen tablet, Android netbook and Portege R700

Toshiba is announcing three new mobile computers today, and two of them are entries into new markets. The Libretto W100 will attract the most attention as the world's first dual-touchscreen portable, while the AC100 is Toshiba's first Google Android-based netbook computer (commonly called a 'smartbook').

June 21, 2010

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