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July 23, 2009 by

King of the QWERTYs: T-Mobile Dash 3G

We posted the first of three parts of the King of the QWERTYs feature with the BlackBerry Tour and now are moving on to take a look at the T-Mobile Dash 3G. You can check out my earlier review for some other thoughts on the device since this feature will look at a few specific categories across all three forward facing QWERTY devices and won't cover the device in detail.

January 13, 2009 by

7 reasons why the BlackBerry Curve 8900 is my perfect companion

Research in Motion via their PR company sent me a BlackBerry Curve 8900 to play with for a fortnight. I've just spent the last three days writing a post, of which by in the end of it thought was a load of boring, rambling nonsense, comparing the BlackBerry to a Windows Mobile device (which has been done anyway).

October 15, 2008 by

Review: Over 260 images and 5 videos of the T-Mobile G1 Google Android device

The biggest mobile news of 2007 was definitely the Apple iPhone and I think the biggest news of this year is the Google Android. I enjoyed my trip out to see the T-Mobile G1 launch last month and have now had the opportunity to use the T-Mobile G1 for almost a week. As a long time T-Mobile customer I am pleased to finally see a 3G device and one as functional and powerful as the G1. The G1 is not perfect, what mobile device is?, but after getting to spend time with it I am very pleased and happy I pre-ordered my own for delivery next week. You can check out my hardware image gallery with 57 pictures and my other image gallery with over 215 images that show every screen on the device, including pop-ups and options that appear with tap and holds on the display. I also have included 5 YouTube videos that show the device in action. The T-Mobile G1 is the first Google Android device and as I state below, the future success is largely dependent on developer ingenuity and involvement.

July 9, 2008 by

First impressions of the Nokia E71, a QWERTY device for the business user

Andy has been sending me Nokia Nseries devices to evaluate as part of the Nseries Blogger Relations program for almost 3 years now and today I was sent a device the branches out into an area that I am highly interested in and that I think relates even more directly to the readers here at ZDNet. You see, I was sent a Nokia Eseries (E is for enterprise) device, the Nokia E71 for evaluation. I bought a Nokia E61 and then E61i last year and really enjoyed using those devices, but found them a bit too wide and heavy for every day use and moved on to the Nokia N95 that had a much better camera and other media features. The E71 is a much slimmer device that also adds a 3.2 megapixel camera and may be the perfect compromise for those of us who want a QWERTY keyboard with some multimedia features. I took some unboxing and comparison photos (40 to be exact) for my initial impressions image gallery along with the video first look below. I also take you on a tour of the device and let you know what my impressions are after using it for about 6 hours.

April 6, 2008 by

i-mate Ultimate 9502

The i-mate Ultimate 9502 is the larger sibling of the i-mate 8502, and shares the honour of being Australia's first HSUPA phone. While we believe this phone is in the same league as a BlackBerry or the iPhone, be wary of Telstra's promised internet speeds.

March 14, 2008

The industry reflects, looks ahead

Industry players look back at 2007, discuss recession fears and name some hot technologies they'll be looking out for in 2008.

August 27, 2007 by

Is the HTC Advantage really the most powerful mobile office?

I posted my first impressions of the HTC Advantage about 10 days ago and have been using it as my primary device ever since it arrived. I actually wrote 90% of this review on the HTC Advantage with a Think Outside Sierra Bluetooth keyboard. Yes, I have even been using it as my mobile phone, even though the form factor is not optimized for this and HTC really doesn't even advertise its mobile phone functionality. Surprisingly, it actually performed as one of the best quality mobile phones I have ever used, but there are trade-offs that I'll talk about later. The HTC Advantage is the most powerful and full-featured Windows Mobile Professional device on the market and it is the largest Phone Edition I have used before. HTC's retail box states that the HTC Advantage X7501 is "The most powerful mobile office" and after over 2 weeks with the device I tend to agree it is an amazing device in a form factor that meets a great balance of compromises. Do I think it is worth the US$850 retail price ( price) and will I be buying one for myself after sending back the evaluation unit?

August 20, 2007 by

Nokia E90 Communicator

It won’t appeal to everyone, but the E90 is a worthy successor in Nokia's Communicator line, despite the fact that there are now many keyboard-equipped mobile devices available.

October 19, 2006 by

Giveaway: Check out this amazingly small form factor Windows Mobile Smartphone

QWERTY devices are quite popular this year and the Samsung SGH-i320 is competing with the best of them with its extremely small size and rock solid construction. This smartphone isn't yet available in the U.S., but if you submit a successful entry to the contest then it can be yours for free. Check out the full review, with over 15 photos, and enter to win the device.

August 30, 2005 by

Mobility madness: Managing mobile devices

Today's smart phones are less about ring tones and more about extending your corporate applications well and truly into the field. Say goodbye to the deskbound worker -- and hello to a potential data and security nightmare, warns David Braue.

July 25, 2005 by

Market Overview

The ideal situation of universal-coverage wireless broadband is not here, and may never be achieved. In any case, it will not always be convenient or economical to use 3G or (eventually) 4G wireless in all mobile working situations.

November 26, 2004 by

Nokia 9500 Communicator

Mobile professionals who need access to contacts, basic office documents and communications facilities will find that Nokia's 9500 Communicator covers the bases very well indeed.


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