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November 19, 2009 By Emoze

Emoze (Symbian)

emoze is an easy to use mobile messaging application that enables anyone to turn almost any mobile device into a personal communication...

May 2, 2012 by

Nokia files suits against HTC, RIM and ViewSonic

Nokia has alleged that HTC, RIM and ViewSonic have infringed on 45 Nokia patents in lawsuits filed in the US and Germany.Nokia alleged on Wednesday that the companies have variously infringed on patents covering dual function antennas, power management and multimode radios, application stores, multitasking, navigation, conversational message display, dynamic menus, data encryption and retrieval of email attachments on a mobile device.

September 5, 2002 By Oxygen Software

Oxygen SMS Gateway

Oxygen SMS Gateway allows uninterruptable communication between people regardless of the service used. It supports three services:...

February 1, 2009 by

Sling Media taking a wait and see approach to the Palm WebOS

I've been using a Slingbox and the SlingPlayer Mobile clients for years, but last year I moved to the Hava player because they have free Nokia Internet Tablet and S60 clients. Slingbox now has a SlingPlayer Mobile client for selected S60 devices, but it does not work on the very popular Nokia E71. Dave Zatz sent me an email notice about a new post he wrote on the apparent hesitancy of Sling Media to develop a SlingPlayer Mobile client for the upcoming Palm WebOS while they look to focus on the Google Android platform next.

January 6, 2009 by

How to: Add Gmail label/subfolder access to your Nokia Email accounts

Now that I have Nokia Email back up and running on my Nokia N85 I was looking at some of the new features, including subfolder support. I use Gmail as my primary email account(s) and was disappointed to see I apparently could not use IMAP subfolders with my Gmail labels. I just received an email from a member of the Nokia Email team that showed me how I could actually use Gmail labels as subfolders with Nokia Email.

December 26, 2008 by

Nokia Email unable to connect issue solved on my new Nokia N85

After seeing my buddy Rafe's OLED display on the new Samsung I7710 S60 device I pulled the trigger on a new Nokia N85 when the North American versions became available last week. I found a decent deal at Newegg and trust them so I placed my order and to my delight it arrived on Tuesday, the 23rd. One of the first things I loaded up was the Nokia Email client, but unfortunately I kept getting an "Unable to connect with information provided." error and tried to connect for the last few days without any success.

December 17, 2008 by

Nokia Messaging client moves off Beta Labs with a ton of new features

I wrote about the Nokia Email client a few months ago and then last month at Nokia World they announced an updated version was coming. I just read on the Nokia Beta Labs blog that this updated Nokia Messaging version is now available to try out in beta form. There are a ton of improvements in this latest update, many directly addressing the concerns I had with things such as subfolders/labels in Gmail, syncing sent mail to your sent folder online, and faster performance.

December 1, 2008 by

Nokia updates Nokia Maps and Nokia Messaging clients and services

In addition to the amazing new upcoming Nokia N97 Nokia announced some service upgrades at Nokia World 2008. In particular there are new versions of Nokia Maps and Nokia Messaging. Nokia Maps gives you new features like high resolution aerial images, 3D landmarks, ability to share your location, and the capability to preplan your route and have it sent to your device. The new Nokia Messaging client integrates email and IM (from Yahoo!, Windows Live, Google and AOL). These two updated services are now also brought into the Ovi brand as Maps on Ovi and Mail on Ovi.

November 19, 2008 by

Nokia and IBM announce Lotus Notes Traveler for S60 devices

One thing I like about current Nokia devices is that they are quite open to supporting a wide range of individual and enterprise needs with services and applications designed to help you out. I enjoy their support of Exchange ActiveSync on my E71 and other devices so I was pleased to hear the latest news on a conference call yesterday. Nokia and IBM announced today that they are partnering to bring enterprise users Lotus Notes Traveler to the S60 3rd Edition platform. Gartner data shows that IBM has a 40% share of corporate email revenue and now with Nokia's support of Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise, and others Nokia supports almost all corporate email solutions with their devices.

November 15, 2008 by

Should RIM also license Exchange ActiveSync?

I was pretty impressed by the RIM BlackBerry Bold (see my first impressions post) and the display and keyboard sold me on it. I still think the display and keyboard are both fantastic and it is definitely the best BlackBerry device to date. However, due to the lack of Exchange ActiveSync support I am being forced to return it and move on. I tried the Outlook Web Access (OWA) method of connecting to my work email account, but the security settings on our server won't allow it to fully function for me. Also, this would only give me email access and not calendar, contacts, or task synchronization. Is it too much to ask RIM to add support for Exchange ActiveSync like Palm, Apple and Nokia have already?

October 20, 2008 by

Nokia updates Nokia Email service and provides Map Loader for Macs

Nokia continues to improve their Nokia Email service and has taken it from Beta 2 to Beta 3 status with support for up to 6 email accounts and support for more devices. Nokia also continues to add functionality to their devices and Mac computers with the latest release in their Beta Labs of the Nokia Map Loader for Mac software.

August 7, 2008 by

Nokia Email service drastically improves the email experience on S60 devices

The Nokia S60 Nseries and Eseries devices are incredible mobile devices, but the email client is very basic and has a rather plain look and feel to it (aka BlackBerry look). The default Messaging client does a poor job with hyperlinks, doesn't display my messages forwarded from other services, and IMHO is just barely acceptable for usage. Nokia has been beta testing a new service, Nokia Email, and I have had the opportunity to check it out on the N95 and E71 for a few weeks. It was in a limited beta before, but starting tomorrow anyone who wants to try it will be able download the client from the Nokia Beta Labs site and signup for the service at the Nokia Email service site. During this beta period, the service is free so give it a try and provide feedback to make it better.

May 30, 2008 by

Garnet VM Palm OS emulator for Nokia Internet Tablets updated with better display support

I wrote about the Garnet Virtual Machine for Nokia Internet Tablets last year and if you remember this is the application that allows you to run Palm OS applications on your Nseries device. I used it from time-to-time, but I was unable to run my TideTool application and it didn't take advantage of the display on these Tablets. ACCESS sent me an email announcing the release of Beta 2 (version 1.01b) that you can now download and install for free.


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