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Why wireless charging won't save Nokia

Both Nokia and Microsoft's Windows Phone platform are having a hard time gaining traction in the face of iOS and Android. Will innovative features like wireless charging be enough to give Nokia a sales boost? Probably not.

September 4, 2012

What makes Nokia Windows Phone devices unique?

When Nokia and Microsoft announced their future Windows Phone strategy less than 10 months ago, there was the promise of some unique features in Nokia's devices. We saw a couple of these unique features last week at Nokia World.

October 31, 2011 by

Nokia revamps maps in Symbian Anna update

Nokia has released details of the next version of the Symbian operating system, known as Anna, that improves usability, browser speed and bring new features to Ovi maps.Previously referred to as Symbian PR2, the newest OS build is now called Anna and includes a number of changes from the previous iteration.

April 12, 2011 by

T-Mobile's Nokia E73 Mode; refreshing to go back to a simpler time

The Nokia E73 Mode may not have the latest OS, but it is a super solid slim smartphone that gets the job done and provides features even the greatest smartphones don't have. For $69.99 with T-Mobile it really is a no brainer and should do well in stores where it takes the crown as the thinnest QWERTY device at T-Mobile.

June 13, 2010 by

Google Buzz goes mobile, except for BlackBerry and webOS

I am not very interested in any service that can't be taken with me on my mobile phone so after seeing Sam's coverage of Google Buzz I immediately started searching for how I could use it on my smartphones. There are actually a couple of ways to interact with Buzz on your smartphones and the easiest way (for iPhone and Android owners currently) is to simply point your mobile browser to You can read about the mobile web app features on the Google Buzz for mobile site and see a table at the bottom that shows iPhone and Android have the best support with limited support (Buzz layer on Google Maps for mobile) on Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile. Unfortunately, there is no support for Buzz on RIM BlackBerry devices at this time.

February 9, 2010 by

Think Google Maps Navigation is good? Nokia just blew past them with FREE Ovi Maps

I have been using Google Maps Navigation beta on my Google Nexus One and it has performed very well, especially for a free voice guided navigation client. One aspect of this solution is that you have to be connected to your wireless carrier network to use Google Maps Navigation. Nokia has a very good Ovi Maps client that works offline and online with advanced premium features such as traffic, weather, pedestrian walking mode, and voice-guided navigation. Prior to today's announcement these premium services were subscription services on most devices (some devices had lifetime licenses). Today, Nokia announced that ALL of the Ovi Maps premium services will now be FREE on Nokia smartphones. This announcement helps Nokia towards their goal of making GPS navigation as standard on smartphones as the quality cameras they have been providing on devices for years. This adds significant value to Nokia smartphones and fires another major torpedo into the sinking PND ship.

January 20, 2010 by

Videos and details reveal features of the Nokia N900 Internet Tablet

As readers here may know, I am the editor of Nokia Experts and currently have a pre-production Nokia N900 Internet Tablet to evaluate until January. This Maemo 5-powered Internet Tablet is quite an improvement over previous Nokia Internet Tablets that never seemed to take off with an integrated cellular data connection and much better native software provided by Nokia. Since this is a pre-production device and not necessarily focused on the enterprise market I have been making most of my posts about the device on my Nokia Experts site.

October 20, 2009 by

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