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Nvidia ups its enterprise computing game

Among the most notable moves by Nvidia was the launch of its GRID Visual Computing Appliance, which starts at $24,900 and has an annual software license of $2,400.

March 20, 2013

Nvidia broadens Cuda's reach with open-source compiler

Nvidia has opened its Cuda compiler to academics and software vendors to let them port the programming framework to other architectures and languages.The change, announced on Wednesday, means Cuda can be reworked for non-Nvidia GPUs, such as those made by AMD, or even entirely different processor architectures like RISC.

December 15, 2011 by

News to know: Facebook; Vista; See-through screens; Sun patch

Notable headlines:Garett Rogers: The Google Apps Appliance would make Microsoft sweatMary Jo Foley: Microsoft tries to stop more 'Vista-capable' e-mails from going publicVista Ultimate team releases new discounts, but no new freebies (yet)Microsoft DeepZoom + PhotoZoom = Another Software+Service combinationAdrian Kingsley-Hughes: Build a Vista-compatible office PC for $305Intel to steal graphics market share from AMD and nVIDIA in 2009? It depends ...

March 9, 2008 by

Nvidia joins high-end graphics group

In a move that illustrates the expanding power of mainstream graphics technology, chipmaker Nvidia has been unanimously elected a permanent member of the Architecture Review Board, which is in charge of the OpenGL graphics interface technology. OpenGL is a technique to standardize how software can take advantage of graphics hardware acceleration, and co-inventor Kurt Akeley is employed by Nvidia.

October 8, 2003 by

Benchmark maker: Nvidia is wrong

The makers of the benchmarking software embroiled in an argument with graphics card maker Nvidia say that the hardware firm's accusations are "irrelevant" and "an attempt to shift discussion".

May 28, 2003 by

Nvidia updates graphics software

Chipmaker Nvidia released a new version Thursday of Detonator, a software package for Nvidia graphics chips. Detonator 40 includes updated drivers and additional tools as well as nView software for using multiple monitors and NVRotate software for rotating images on flat-panel displays.

August 30, 2002 by

New Nvidia software mimics TiVo

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia announced that software for recording TV programs on a PC will now ship with PC graphics cards based on its GeForce4 line of chips. The Personal Cinema software allows PCs equipped with a TV signal to record and replay programs using detailed programming guides available over the Internet. The functions are similar to stand-alone personal video recorder such as the TiVo. --David Becker, Special to ZDNet News

June 26, 2002 by

Nvidia teams up on mapping software

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia announced Thursday a partnership with mapping software and services company Keyhole. Nvidia will help distribute Keyhole's EarthViewer 3D, software for viewing annotated aerial photographs, and will work with the Mountain View, Calif-based company to optimize Keyhole software for display via Nvidia chips. Nvidia also will offer a limited trial version of the software. --David Becker, Special to ZDNet News

April 18, 2002 by

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