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January 10, 2007 by

CES devices that help you work where you want to be

The OQO Model O2, the Medion UMPC, and the S-XGEN device were all announced at CES in Vegas. Although Samsung was the first to launch a UMPC device with the Samsung Q1 they never made any official statements regarding a Vista device. They showed off existing models like the Q1P, Q1B and Q1 SSD and also a new Q1P SSD model. Toshiba introduced a new Tablet with a docking system using Ultra-Wide Band technology to help free you from cables that could make your transition from work to home a bit easier. The FlyBook V5i also provides a small form factor Tablet with 3G connectivity.

July 25, 2005 by

Market Overview

The ideal situation of universal-coverage wireless broadband is not here, and may never be achieved. In any case, it will not always be convenient or economical to use 3G or (eventually) 4G wireless in all mobile working situations.

August 3, 1998 by

US Report: IBM chips as smooth as ice

A new technology from the labs of IBM promises to create low-power processors for laptop computers that can extend battery life by 50 percent, or alternatively, boost performance by up to 35 percent.

July 20, 1998 by

News Burst: Intel Dixon - faster, cheaper Celeron

Intel's next generation Celeron chip, codenamed Dixon, may not be a Celeron after all. Dixon, a new chip design expected during the first half of next year, will use a 256 kilobyte cache memory chip that is integrated into the processor, making it not only faster but cheaper.

July 13, 1998 by

US Report: Intel chip prices to dip

Notebook prices, which have remained relatively stable compared with the plummeting prices of desktop PCs, should begin to drop more quickly beginning this Autumn, partly due to Intel's plans to cut prices on its mobile Pentium II processors in September - the first step in a broader plan to lower the cost of notebooks.In the first quarter of next year, the company plans to launch a version of its Celeron processor for "basic" notebooks, according to sources.

June 19, 1998 by

New York - PC Expo: Intel says expect faster Celeron

Paul Otellini, executive vice president of Intel, took attendees at PC Expo through a tour of the company's processor line this week, in a keynote speech that focused more on how technology is being used than on where it is going.But while Otellini mostly focused on existing offerings from Intel, he did shed some light on new technology coming in the next few months.

June 5, 1998 by

US Report: Motorola will report loss - 15,000 jobs cut

Motorola dropped a bomb on Wall Street yesterday warning that sales and earnings in its second fiscal quarter will fall well shy of analysts estimates. Not only will Motorola report a loss in the quarter but it also plans to cut 15,000 jobs in the next 12 months.


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