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January 5, 2009 by

Review: BodyGuardz T-Mobile G1 Google Android skin

I am pretty happy with my T-Mobile G1 Google Android device and something I have been doing lately with my touch screen only devices like the original iPhone is using the plastic film skins. I like using these types of cases because they give you full functionality, excellent protection, and don't take away from the sleek design of the device. I tried the BodyGuardz transparent skin on my T-Mobile G1 and after several weeks of usage the skin is performing flawlessly. You can find several images of the skin on my G1 in the image gallery.

January 5, 2008 by

In faux iPhone ad, David Lynch drops the f-bomb on mobile movie viewing

Famed movie director David Lynch may be a fan of technology for making movies, but he is SO a non-fan of watching some of those same movies on iPhone and other phones as well.Here, on the clip I've freeze framed, screencapped and linked to now, David says:"It's such a sadness, that you think you've seen a film on your (bleeping-but I froze the clip just as his lips were forming the f-bomb)) telephone.

November 9, 2007 by

ITN thrown out of iPhone press conference for 'being rude'

News just in from the front line - UK TV news company ITN has just been thrown out of this morning's Apple iPhone press conference in London for 'being rude'. Apparently, the interviewer expressed some negative thoughts about the details of the 18 month contract - my informant reckons the word 'rip-off' was used - and the film crew was immediately shown the door.

August 1, 2007 by

BodyGuardz has my iPhone covered

I'm happy to report that the film was die-cut very precisely and fit around the various ports and buttons on the iPhone perfectly. The entire process took about 20 minutes (I was trying really hard to be slow and deliberate) and the results are simply extraordinary. The iPhone is now encased in a virtually scratch-proof plastic skin that is crystal clear. As an added bonus, the BodyGuardz material offers better surface adhesion that makes holding the iPhone feel a lot more secure than the slippery finish of the device itself.

July 12, 2007 by

iPhone Diary Day 14: Screen film on the cheap

If you liked the iPhone invisibleSHIELD video but can't believe the price, less expensive options are available.David Berg from the Philadelphia PowerBook User Group (PPUG) wanted to know what the plastic stuff was really made of and wondered if he could buy it in bulk.

June 30, 2007 by

U.S. healthcare industry: Google wants to protect you from Michael Moore's Sicko

Taking a break from reading the wall-to-wall iPhone coverage on TechMeme, I ran across a post from Lauren Turner, who works for Google as an account planner selling ads to the healthcare industry. In the post on what is called the Google Health Advertising blog, but only contains two posts, she assures potential advertisers that Google can help protect them from the negative impact of Michael Moore's just released film "Sicko," which does to the U.


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