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November 29, 2007 by

OpenDocument Format community steadfast despite theatrics of now impotent 'Foundation'

When in mid-October 2007, the OpenDocument Foundation (ODf, yes, that's a little "f" that's not to be confused with the OASIS- and 400-member strong OpenDocument Alliance-backed big F-ODF: the OpenDocument Format) announced that the World Wide Web Consoritum (W3C)-backed Common Document Format (CDF) was the heir-apparent to what it believed was a dead-on-arrival OpenDocument Format, many confused the ODf to be one in the same with the ODF and the latter to have one foot in the grave.

May 9, 2006 by

OpenDocument versus Microsoft's Open XML: War of words intensifies

Yesterday, the fecal matter started to hit the fan when Sun's director of Web technologies Tim Bray responded to comments made by Microsoft standards and open source general manager Jason Matusow regarding the OpenDocument Format (ODF).  Today, Andy Updegrove (lawyer for OASIS, the consoritium that published the ODF specification) ratcheted things up a notch by referring to Microsoft's statements as disinformation and "The Big Lie.

April 19, 2006 by

Does the OpenDocument religion make sense?

Now that Sun's Engineers have admitted that the OpenDocument format is much slower than Microsoft's format and that Microsoft's document format is open, what is the point in converting to the OpenDocument format? The only complaint about Microsoft's Open XML format from the OpenDocument crowd is that they don't get a say in the design of Microsoft's format. But given OASIS’ bloated track record with their own open document format, do we really want them to?

March 27, 2006 by

Microsoft joins OpenDocument group

Microsoft has joined a committee that has a key role in the ratification of the OpenDocument format as an international standard. Microsoft asked to join the INCITS/V1 Technical Committee on March 15.

March 7, 2006 by

IBM's Sutor takes gloves off on MS ODF comment

IBM's vice president of standards and open source Bob Sutor appears quite peeved by an article in eWeek:In an eWeek article just published ("Microsoft to OpenDocument Alliance: Where's the Choice?"), Microsoft is accusing the supporters of the OpenDocument Format, a true open standard from the OASIS standards organization, of somehow limiting choice.

December 13, 2005 by

Microsoft releases FAQ on Ecma submission

Already being lampooned as FUD by OASIS general council Andrew Updegrove (OASIS is the the consortium that stewards the OpenDocument Format), Microsoft has posted a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that it hopes will address any of the confusion around its convenant not to sue (developers who implement its file formats in their software) as well as questions that have arisen as result of the submission of its file formats to Ecma International.

December 7, 2005 by

ComputerWorld: IBM Workplace Client to Support Open Document Format in ´06

IBM officially announced support for OpenDocument Format in Workplace Managed Client 2.6....Inan announcement Sunday in India, IBM said it will add ODF support to theclient software to give customers more flexibility, since the standardallows files to be compatible with any office productivity suite or otherapplications that support the standard. Workplace Managed Client 2.6 willsupport Version 1.0 of the ODF standard, which is XML-based and was recentlyratified by Organization for the Advancement of Structured InformationStandards. IBM is a member of the OASIS technical committee that developedthe standard.  ... "I think it's something that will make life a lot easier for users,because they won't have to worry about proprietary file formats,"said Peter O'Kelly, an analyst at Midvale, Utah-based Burton Group. "Anyvendors using ODF make it easier for users; they won't be beholden to anybody."You'll find similar articles on a dozen other publicationsso far.  Good news. Link: ComputerWorld:IBM Workplace Client to Support Open Document Format in '06>

December 1, 2005 by

Microsoft's 'openness' may hobble OpenDocument

Microsoft's move to make its Open XML document format an international standard could hobble the uptake of OpenDocument, the OASIS-approved document format that is supported by Sun Microsystems.Earlier this month, Microsoft said it would be submitting its Open XML document format, which will be the default file format in the next version of its Office suite, to standards body Ecma.

November 9, 2005 by

MS competitors gather to fast track ODF's evolution

Within days of OASIS' OpenDocument Format (ODF) suffering a political setback in Massachusetts (a drama which has yet to fully play itself out), many of Microsoft's competitors gathered in IBM-stronghold Armonk, NY on Friday, November 4 to plot the next steps for the fledgling XML-based document standard.  Because some of what was discussed was apparently confidential, the press was not invited to observe the ODF Summit.

October 20, 2005 by

Is Microsoft preventing Corel from supporting ODF?

In a recent blog entry entitled Shame on Corel, Andy Updegrove, legal counsel to OASIS (the consortium that's the steward of the OpenDocument Format specification), lashes out at Wordperfect for wavering on support of ODF.  The blog points to a recent eWeek story that reported that Corel would support the format.

October 12, 2005 by

Could ODF be the Net's new, frictionless document DNA?

Between the way the recently OASIS-ratified OpenDocument Format (ODF) was approved as the Massachusetts standard file format for productivity applications, and the way it was submitted for consideration as a global standard to the International Standards Organization (the ISO) and the way the thin-client discussion has suddenly moved front and center again, could we be on the verge of an ODF-inspired document revolution?


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