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March 21, 2012 by

Boris backtracks over Twitter account 'hijacking'

London mayor Boris Johnson has returned the official mayoral Twitter account to its original status, after briefly reappropriating it for his own reelection campaign.Johnson caused an outcry on Tuesday when he renamed the @MayorofLondon Twitter account to @BorisJohnson, while also changing the link in the profile from one that pointed to City Hall's website to one that directed users to his campaign site.

January 30, 2012 by

TfL adds camera feeds to live travel news

Developers and London's drivers can find out where congestion is across the capital thanks to real-time information made available by Transport for London on its website and a new twitter feed.The live traffic news website gives people access to the feeds from over 170 cameras across London.

January 30, 2011 by

NBN Co releases B2B connection draft docs

National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) has called for comment on its draft business-to-business (B2B) industry integration specifications for connecting access seekers to the National Broadband Network (NBN), released on the company's website late on Friday.

June 10, 2009 by

BBC News website taken down by hosting problems

The BBC's news website suffered a 20-minute outage early on Wednesday afternoon, due to problems at a London hosting centre.The heavily-used site was down between 12:20 and 12:40, at times offering only slow, limited functionality, and at times being completely down.

June 3, 2009 by

TIBCO takes PaaS plus integration capabilities to global enterprises via their choice of clouds

Combining platform as a service (PaaS) with a built-in ability to integrate and manage hybrid cloud deployments, TIBCO Software today threw its hat in the cloud computing ring by taking its middleware and Java development and deployment platforms to new heights.Coinciding with the JavaOne conference and coming on the heels of other PaaS announcements this week, TIBCO debuted TIBCO Silver via an online virtual conference.

November 7, 2006 by

Google Talk speaks to Orkut

For those using Orkut, Google's social networking website, you may notice new Google Talk integration next time you sign in.The first thing you will notice is the online status for your friends -- you can even send scraps to those contacts which will be displayed in their instant messenger.

October 2, 2006 by

IBM Alphaworks says ADIEU to SaaS

One announcement that slipped under my radar last week while I was traveling was the launch of alphaWorks Services, a new on-demand addition to IBM's research and development website, launched to coincide with alphaWork's tenth birthday (picture courtesy of the alphaWorks website). Two of the three services available at launch are targeted at enabling end users to build their own applications: Ad Hoc Development and Integration tool for End Users (ADIEU) and Web Relational Blocks (WebRB).

March 22, 2006 by

Norwegian customers back Notes/Domino at LCTY

At last week's Lotusphere Comes to Youin Norway, my colleagues started the day with a compelling set of customerquotes.  Some very satisfied Notes customers--and they're not afraidto say so. The local team translated the quotes into English for they are:Orkla17,000 Notes users "The choice of technologywas done some years back.  We have renewed our current license agreementfor a period of 3 years.  No other products on the market  givemore value add than Lotus.  Therefore we see no reason for changingto a different platform than this one provided by IBM.  Flexible IBMsoftware agreements give us an additional advantage when selling and buyingcompanies" -- Jorn Larsen, IT Manager Hydro26,000 Notes users "Hydro has chosen to extend theircurrent corporate agreement with IBM Norway for Lotus Notes and Sametimefor a period of 3 years from 2006.  This means that Hydro will  continueusing Lotus Notes as their primary mail and collaboration platform."-- Trygve K Nilssen, CIO BertelO. Steen 1,500 Notes users "Bertel O. Steen AS has used LotusNotes for many years and is very satisfied with this product. Using Lotusmakes us less prone to virus attacks compared to using other products.However, the most important aspect is the  possibility to create smallbut for us important applications which is seamlessly integrated with LotusNotes. Our information portal and our solution for publishing documents are bothbased on IBM Software, and the integration with our mailing system givesus a complete and consistent solution." -- Ole-Christian Braathen, managing director KongsbergMaritime 2,300 Notes users "Kongsberg Maritime (KM) has usedLotus Notes since 1994 and during this time, we have seen large advantageswhen it comes to sharing information among our offices  - from Korea/Chinain the far East to US/Canada in the West. KM uses Domino servers worldwide as  platform for their infrastructure with background replicationfor effective access to common information. KM has integrated Sametime and Quickplacewhich increases and facilitates the possibility for cooperation among theusers within our organization. The content on KM's web can be updatedfrom all our locations due to the replication technology in Lotus. A common calendar function for the entireorganization is a significant support tool when planning various activities.The security technology in Notes preventsand makes virus attacks more difficult, which KM has experienced on severaloccasions. Ref. 'Melissa'."-- Hilde Nilsen-Aas Rieber& Søn 1,400 Notes users "Rieber & Søn ASA has usedLotus Notes / Domino as mailing system and framework for electronic exchangein our international businesses for many years, including standard add-onmodules and 'home grown' support systems. We are conducting evaluationsregularly of all our systems solutions to ensure that we use availabletechnology in the most efficient way. Our assessment is that Notes / Domino as a whole significantly exceedsits competitiors when it comes to functionality and flexibility in ourelectronic workflow, and this is a dependancy for our daily routines whenoperating  in a very competitive international market place."-- Trond Kathenes, Global IT Operation Manager NorgesGruppen1,900 users (half migrated from Microsoft Exchange)"With large focus on performingtasks in a coherent way, centralized operations and stable 24*365 solutions,  Notes was the only right choice in 1997. The system proved to liveup to our expectations and the area of application is continuisly increasing."-- Torsten Hellner, Director IKT Operations Cerealia/Lantmännen6,000 Notes users -- 3,000 converting from Microsoft Exchange"We had a shared environment with3000 Microsoft users and  3000 Notes users. When facing the choicebetween Lotus and  Microsoft, our decision was simple. Notes is somuch more than just an e-mail client and gives us the possibility to offer our applications to all of our employees."-- Thomas Pedersen NorskSykepleierforbundet Domino website serving 20,000 simultaneous users "Lotus Notes/Domino lets us dowhat we need to do, in such an ingenious, simple and effictive way whichno other competitive products can offer." -- Morten Authen, responsible for Operations BergesenASA "Lotus Domino provides a platformthat has enabled efficient information sharing through applications, mailand collaboration software. For a global shipping company as BW Gas ASAthis has become the 'nervous system' integrating all offices and vessels,and is as such an important contributor to our operational efficiency."-- Vidar BakkenclePages/200603/16/20060316164106_CS157/20060316164106_CS157.dbp.asp">FramtidensNotes ska kunna allt "(Future Notes will know all).  I don't have a full translation yet,but this should help with the Lotus Notes visibility in the Swedish market,as was discussedon the blog following the LCTY event.

March 26, 2002 by

Rupert Goodwins' Diary

Friday 22/03/2002More mobile phone madness, this time in the Evil Wireless Waves Are Cooking Our Kids And Running Our Baths department. According to the This Is Local London website, residents in Sutton are being threatened by Orange's plans to put a 3G service mast up on a nearby water tower.


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