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ForYourIrisOnly 32-bit

ForYourIrisOnly (FYIO) is a fast, easy-to-use, and secure biometric security application capable of replacing complex passwords with...

July 8, 2014 By IriTech

Mobile software Monday: eWallet 6 for Windows Mobile; bonus Ilium Software 11th birthday contests too

eWallet 6 is an essential tool for keeping your passwords and vital data secure and protected on your mobile devices, while also being readily accessible for your own use. In this day and age when everything seems to require a password and/or PIN it is getting to be almost impossible to remember them all unless you set them all to be the same, which is not a good idea in case one is compromised. The mobile version of eWallet 6 is compatible with Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices with a Windows PC companion product available too. You can easily create your secure data cards on your PC and sync the data across multiple devices. Ilium Software is also celebrating their 11th birthday with contests and major software discounts.

June 2, 2008 by

East-tec SafeBit

East-tec SafeBit is the perfect electronic vault you need for your privacy. It features on-the-fly AES encryption, by creating virtual...

June 9, 2014 By East-Tec

Cancel or Allow? Good poke at Vista UAC

The latest "get a Mac" ad from Apple is pretty amusing. In it, PC is accompanied by a security agent who interrupts everything he says describing what he's saying and asking for permission to proceed. If you've used Vista you get it. UAC is continually popping up asking whether it's OK to proceed on an action I just initiated and it is pretty mindless in its logic. Of course, one could make a similar complaint about the Mac OS constantly asking for an admin password but the threshold seems to be set to a far less obnoxious level in my experience.

February 5, 2007 by

A ridiculous way to test your speaker volume levels ...

Are you a Windows Vista beta tester? Have you noticed that startup sound that plays just as the PC gets to the point ready to accept your logon password? Yes. OK. Well, have you tried to disable that sound? If you do, you'll discover something odd - that there's no way to disable it. No check box, no button, no setting. Nothing. Zip. Nada.Doesn't that beg the question - why?

August 25, 2006 by

Password Protect My PC Software

This software offers a solution for users who want to password protect a PC while away. The user chooses the delay time (the time of...

May 29, 2014 By Sobolsoft

Chirson PC Immobiliser

PC Immobiliser is a simple device that should increase the security of any PC or notebook, and make it less attractive to thieves. The use of iButtons to restrict access to anyone who doesn’t have the correct token works seamlessly once set up.

January 28, 2003 by

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