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January 17, 2010 by

Apple vs Nokia round 3: Apple asks US government to ban Nokia phones

It seems that Nokia kicked over the hornet's nest back in October when they sued Apple for infringing on patents that they claim others have been legitimately paying for while Apple has been refusing to pay for. Not surprisingly, Apple then sued Nokia for infringing on their patents. We then recently saw a rather stupid request from Nokia to have Apple iPhone, iPod, and Mac computers banned from being imported. Of course, the latest filing from Apple asking the US government to ban Nokia phone imports is the expected retaliation we have come to expect from these two.

July 18, 2007 by

Apple patent describes music metadeta wireless transfer to iPod, iPhone

Technology described in a newly published Apple Patent application appears to describe the wireless transfer of metadata about music files played or stored on desktop or notebook computers to a portable music player such as an iPod or an iPhone.That's at least the way the Patent application entitled Portable media player as a low power remote control and method thereof sounds to me.

July 12, 2007 by

iPhone-like iPod: Evidence mounts

A new release of Apple patent filings dealing with Wi-Fi, wide-screen displays and touchscreen controls indicates new features in the next generation iPod could look similar to the iPhone.This week, several new patents filed by Apple were released on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Web site.

July 6, 2007 by

New Apple Patent app would improve iPhone, iPod video playback

A newly published Apple Patent Application provides technology that could enhance the frames of a video fast forwarded on an iPhone or iPod.The goal, presumably, would be to facilitate viewer decisions on whether or not to play the video at normal speed based on the content in these sample frames.

December 4, 2006 by

Patent application reveals much about iPod/iPhone

Yesterday I posted a note about Apple's United States Patent Application #20060268528 for a "handheld computing device includes an enclosure having structural walls formed from a ceramic material that is radio-transparent." The details of the patent are extremely revealing about where Apple is headed with the future of iPod and iPhone - if you read between the lines a little bit...

November 29, 2006 by

iPod podcast menus, navigation depicted in new Apple patent app

EXCLUSIVE: A new Apple Patent application just published this morning provides insight into how a series of hierarchical menus displayable on an iPod could guide a user to select podcasts for play that are already stored on the device.The Patent Application is 20060265637, Utilization Of Podcasts on Portable Media Devices.

August 24, 2006

Apple's misplaced Creativity

Apple and Creative have buried the hatchet. They'll unearth it soon for the next hapless inventor


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