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February 12, 2011 by

DEC's 40 years of innovation

Digital Equipment Corporation changed the business, the technology and the experience of computing. In memory of founder Ken Olsen, who died recently, we present this tour of DEC's 40-year life

November 8, 2015 By Bernhard Baehr

PDP-8/E Simulator

The PDP-8/E Simulator is an emulator for the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8/E minicomputer, a famouse computer of the early 1970...

November 15, 2011 by

The first micros: Intel 4004's forgotten peers

The 4004 chip is 40 today, so it's about time it had a mid-life identity crisis. Its creation story is well known — here's ZDNet UK's coverage from its 30th birthday — and it is indeed the first commercially available microprocessor.

December 4, 2006 by

Mind the Gap

In the not too distant future, we can expect to see magnetic disk drives relegated to the role that tape drives play today

May 22, 2002 by

Psst... I know your password

Using the 95 printable ASCII characters, it would take 13 years for today's fastest Pentium 4 to figure out all the possible combinations for an eight-letter password.


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