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July 21, 2011 By Back2Front

Yakuza4 Help

Yacuza 4 UNOFFICIAL GUIDE to beat the game on various Game System Platforms (PS3,Xbox,PC)Features:- Strategy to *ALL* Brawls/Levels:Stage...

February 2, 2011 by

PlayStation Move controller support coming to PCs via Sony's Move Server project

Microsoft has floated the idea of officially supporting its Kinect gesture-based game controller in the PC realm after hackers have used it for various experiments, but Sony may beat it to the punch with support for its own PlayStation Move motion controllers.According to our sister site CNET, Sony exec John McCutchan will discuss a project called Move Server at the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

December 28, 2010 by

Greenest game for the power-conscious: Nintendo Wii

Since it is just about a week before the electronics world's annual pilgrimage for the Consumer Electronics show, I felt this item was particularly appropriate. I was poking around various Web sites for green technology news this morning, when I came across this press release from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI): Turns out that the Nintendo Wii system uses approximately 6X less power in active mode than either the Sony Playstation or the Microsoft Xbox 360.

February 18, 2008

Game sales down 6% in January 2008

January 2008 gaming sales of $1.1 bln were down 6% below January 2007, according to the NPD Group. The Nintendo Wii sold 274,000, followed by the Sony PlayStation 3 (269,000) and the Microsoft Xbox 360 (230,000).

October 2, 2006 by

Scarcity and long queues are a marketing strategy

If you plan on buying a Sony PlayStation 3 or a Microsoft Zune this Christmas, then you will join an elite group of individuals who will have the privilege of beta testing that product. On top of that, you'll be expected to market that product aggressively during 2007 by actively promoting it to your friends, colleagues and family.

March 29, 2004 by

Xbox price to drop tonight

Microsoft is to cut the price of its Xbox games console in a bid to halt declining sales but analysts say Sony's PlayStation 2 has little to fear from the move

January 16, 2003 by

Sony ships 50 millionth PlayStation 2

Sony announced Thursday that worldwide shipments of its PlayStation 2 video game console have surpassed 50 million units, broadening the electronics giant's lead over rivals Microsoft and Nintendo. Sony said that since the console was introduced in Japan in March 2000, it has shipped 21.

May 20, 2002 by

'Star Wars' to play on Xbox, PlayStation

LucasArts said Monday that it would begin developing online games for Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 2. The video game division of George Lucas' multimedia empire will begin producing the first of its "Star Wars Galaxies" online gaming series for the two consoles. LucasArts did not disclose a release date, but said it would produce the multiplayer games for the next two generations of the Xbox and PlayStation. Microsoft and Sony have ambitious plans to make the Internet a more central element in video games. Online gaming allows companies to charge customers monthly fees so they can play more interactive and collaborative games. In one example, Sony's "EverQuest" has experienced wild popularity, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers paying $13 a month to play. In the "Star Wars Galaxies" series, players take on character roles and engage in various quests while interacting with other players. LucasArts in December will release a PC version of the game, "Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided," which is being developed by Sony Online Entertainment. --Jim Hu, Special to ZDNet News

May 8, 2002 by

Xbox sales jump in Europe

Microsoft reported Wednesday that sales of its Xbox game console jumped in Europe the first week after a price cut there went into effect April 26. According to a Microsoft statement, the most recent weekly sales tallies show the Xbox running neck and neck with Sony's PlayStation 2, accounting for 49 percent of game console sales in England, 46 percent in France and 55 percent in Germany. The Xbox is facing new competition overseas, however, since Nintendo's GameCube went on sale in Europe May 3. --David Becker, Special to ZDNet News


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