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Is Print Finally Dead Yet?

In honor of the print edition of Encyclopedia Britannica's passing into the digital pages of the history books, we discuss new media's age old question: is print dead yet (or is it merely a walking zombie)? Craigslist has decimated a valued profit center in the world of printed newspapers. Printed books have given way to Kindle readers on every street corner. Glossy magazines are desperately trying to find new life in interactive iPad editions. Meanwhile, most specialty trade and technical publications long ago felt the need to jump to the Web. And now, despite almost of decade of Britannica's experts screaming into the wind that Wikipedia wasn't a legitimate source of educational information, Britannica's storied 244-year-old print edition gives up the ghost, due in large part to the existence of Wikipedia. In this video, ZDNet's David Gewirtz and Josh Gingold discuss what's changed in the world of online content, what it means to marketers, and how it will likely impact the world of business.Recorded from a ZDNet webcast on March 20, 2012.

March 20, 2012 by

LG Machjet LPP6010N: a 60ppm inkjet

LG recently announced the Korean launch of an A4 office printer based on the innovative Memjet high-speed inkjet printing technology. The Machjet LPP6010N is capable of speeds of 60 pages per minute (ppm) at 1,600 by 800 dots per inch (dpi) resolution, making it one of the world's fastest desktop colour printers.

June 28, 2011

RIM PlayBook beats iPad in browser tests

Research in Motion posted a side-by-side video comparing the PlayBook tablet to the iPad. In the video the PlayBook loads web pages faster than the iPad and its Flash capability adds sizzle to sites like

November 16, 2010 by

HP CM8060

State-of-the-art enterprise-class inkjet technology makes HP's CM8060 Colour MFP more than a match for conventional laser-based alternatives.

December 7, 2007 by

Tabbed browsing and shrink-to-fit printing in Vista

Tabbed browsing is a feature that has been available in alternative browsers for many years but Microsoft has finally caught up with IE7. Here is a demo on how to make the most out of the new feature and also a demonstration Vista's shrink-to-fit feature, which automatically resizes pages before sending them to your printer.

April 16, 2007 by

Dell introduces new printer

Dell on Tuesday announced its most powerful laser printer to date, the Workgroup Laser Printer W5300n. The $1,249 printer is capable of printing 45 pages per minute via its 500MHz processor and can print at a resolution of 1,200 by 1,200 dots per inch.

November 4, 2003 by

Epson trims printer price

Epson announced a price cut Thursday for its Stylus Photo 820 inkjet printer. The model now sells for $99, down from the original $149, and is housed in a new metallic case designed to complement the design of modern digital cameras. The 820 can print at resolutions up to 2,880-by-720 dots per inch at speeds up to 12 pages per minute for plain text. --David Becker, Special to ZDNet News

May 3, 2002 by

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