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Good Access

Good Access enables enterprise mobile app users to securely access intranet and popular web-based productivity applications using their...

2 days ago By Good Technology


Alfred is an award-winning productivity application for Mac OS X, which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and...

January 26, 2015 By Alfred

The future of Adobe installers?

Adobe has long been known for its terrible installation process, both for its productivity applications such as Flash and for its professional creative products. However, with its Creative Cloud services and Adobe Labs beta, engineers say things will be better.

May 27, 2012

Take a deep dive on how enterprise app stores help drive productivity

Enterprise app stores are quickly creating productivity and speed-to-value benefits for PC users and IT departments alike as they grapple with the new models around consumerization of IT. The author of a recent Ovum white paper on why app stores says they are increasingly important for enterprises as they consider ways to better track, manage, and distribute all of their applications.

October 4, 2011 by

Master Cleaner - Speed Booster

Master Cleaner - Speed Booster PRO is the optimization tools for your Android devices. Be an expert in saving battery power and optimization...

January 20, 2015 By Vendor Inc

Microsoft's Office line remains one of the company's primary cash cows. There are underdogs such as Google, Zoho and others looking to poach market share. In response, Microsoft is making Office more cloud friendly and tying its productivity suite to behind-the-scenes applications like SharePoint.

April 14, 2010 by

Assessment engine drives ‘benchmarkable’ function point analysis

So there I was talking about highly advanced interactive analytic applications last Friday (like you do) and so Monday must logically start with a nod to extended software analysis and measurement technologies.Function point counting as the standard unit of output used to analyse and measure the quality, productivity and cost of building and operating applications is a challenging part of software analysis.

March 1, 2010 by

New HP offerings enable telcos to deliver more safe cloud services fast

HP has correctly identified a weakness in the SaaS and cloud markets. In many cases, applications and productivity services came to market first, but lacked the enterprise-caliber infrastructure, management, and auditing and fiscal control mechanisms. Now, HP is bringing these traditional IT requirements to the cloud domains, and making them available to the large market of existing providers.

December 15, 2009 by

Is Microsoft getting serious about education?

Microsoft has been the de facto choice for schools and businesses alike for some time in terms of both operating systems and productivity software. OpenOffice, Linux, a Mac resurgence, and cloud-based applications, however, have certainly put pressure on the company, especially in the educational sector where tight budgets and smart folks drive innovation.

July 22, 2009 by

Office 2010 to hit networks and the web in style

The Office 2010 web applications throw online productivity into a new dimension by porting four of the most popular (and most useful) Office applications onto the web: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.The online office-suite business - business, if you can call it that, since the main online office suites available are free - has been gaining strength from strength, with Google Docs now facing potential fall as Office moves to the web.

July 14, 2009 by

Web 2.0 disruptive, but necessary to business

Once cool, hip tools for the young, social-networking sites and other Web 2.0 applications are fast becoming essential business tools that can help drive productivity and reduce communication costs. But what about the security risks?

April 3, 2009 by

Mindtouch 2009: Collaborative Mashup Switchboard

Mindtouch announce today a new message bus that enables bi-directional notifications when changes are made both within MindTouch 2009 or to the many applications that users plug into or connect to with MindTouch 2009. Examples of these could be Web services, enterprise systems, databases, office productivity applications and more.

April 1, 2009 by

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