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July 7, 2015 By Safran


Enter the world of Turbomeca (Safran), your helicopter engine specialist: discover the widest range of engines for every class of helicopters,...

February 15, 2011 by

Online GST inquiry kicks off

The Productivity Commission has begun its "Economic Structure and Performance" inquiry into online retailing, which will look into whether to change the taxation rules for online purchases from offshore sites.

July 5, 2015 By Little Sky Studios

Desktop APM

Desktop APM sums your key presses and clicks and divides them over the time you use your computer to provide an evaluation of your...

May 31, 2015 By Qwik Team

Qwik Beta

QWIK BETAAre you tired of having to leave your current application to perform secondary tasks? Weve got you covered! With Qwik, you...

October 30, 2008 by

Is supercomputing just about performance?

You may think you know what 'HPC' stands for — but conflicting views on what that 'P' really stands for reflect important changes taking place within the field of supercomputing, says expert Andrew Jones

June 17, 2008 by

The killer apps of academia

Mary-Jo wanted to find the killer-apps of Vista, but I think I've found the killer applications for students. Regardless of educational establishment status, we have to consider multiple things in a killer-app (defined as an application which you essentially "must have"), such as open-source where possible, available across platforms, considerably save yourself time, increase productivity whether for social-downtime or performance-uptime, and most importantly - free.

June 11, 2008 by

10 top tweaks for Windows Vista

The best ways to enhance performance and productivity with Windows are usually fairly simple. They don’t require registry edits or custom code; instead, they involve learning how the basic building blocks of Windows work, and then rearranging those components to cut steps out of the tasks you perform most often. Vista changed some of those building blocks, and many people are struggling because they’re trying to use the new tools with the old techniques. In that spirit, I’ve put together this list of my 10 favorite tweaks to Windows Vista. In Part 1 of a two-part series, I explain how to make the list of installed programs easier to work with and how to tweak the taskbar, the Start menu, the Quick Launch toolbar, and Windows Explorer. I also cover the most important time-saving technique for any user of any computer: how to create an easy, automatic backup routine that works.

March 18, 2007 by

Webinar on mind mapping by Eric Mack

Eric Mack is one of the most passionate adopters of technologies that improve productivity and performance. Don't miss his upcoming webinar in which he will show how he uses MindManager to manage projects, brainstorm new ideas, and support his Getting Things Done workflow.

February 1, 2007 by

PhatWare PenCommander 2.0 supports Vista and adds more functionality

PenCommander 2.0 has been launched around the Vista release and includes support for Windows Vista, which is timely since I plan to put Vista on my Q1 this weekend. PenCommander 2.0 also includes an updated scripting engine to allow for new user-level functions and improved performance, new customizable user interface for Visual PenCommander, new PenCommander skins, ability to select a handwriting recognition engine (important if multiple languages are used), and the ability to make the input panel semi-transparent so you can work on applications with PenCommander sitting on the desktop. IMHO, a gesture/shorthand command application like this is essential for UMPC and Tablet PC users as it improves productivity and makes using the pen a much more enjoyable experience.

August 14, 2003 by

IBM refreshes Java tool

Big Blue expects WebSphere Studio version 5.1 to improve productivity of programmers with faster performance and usability enhancements around Web page creation and administration.

March 10, 2002 by


The GRX316SP is a good vehicle for processor-intensive and screen-space-hungry applications like video editing, but an expensive luxury if you're a mainstream user.


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