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July 20, 2011 By Pixio

Google proves mobile web can be SPDY

Google's new experimental protocol that theoretically transports web content faster than HTTP has attracted interest from users and developers - but the web giant has now come up with proof, not theories, that it will work for mobile devices.

May 2, 2012 by

Lack of IPv6 mobiles not worrying

Dearth of IPv6-compliant smart devices in the market is not cause for worry as IPv4 will be still be supported, analyst says, adding that mobile Web usage will drive adoption of the new protocol.

February 11, 2011 by

Freshtel plans Aussie mobile VoIP

Australian start-up Freshtel today said it expected to launch a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service for mobile phone users locally within weeks, after a successful trial of its dual-mode technology with UK mega-retailer Tesco.

September 2, 2008 by

TSMobiles for BlackBerry

TSMobiles (Terminal Service for Mobiles) is excellent for remote accessing to the computer from Blackberry device. With TSMobiles...

December 2, 2010 By Shape

3 boosts Sydney mobile speeds

Hutchison has upgraded the data speeds available through its 3 mobile network, in Sydney metropolitan areas. The upgrade to the High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) protocol will allow the carrier to deliver speeds of between 600kbps to 1.

January 31, 2007 by

Mobile High Speed

attach. click. connect. Turning your mobile phone into a wireless Internet connection for your Palm OS Handheld has never been easier:...

October 10, 2008 By Nova Media

Vodafone launches HSDPA

update Mobile carrier Vodafone today switched on an upgrade to its third-generation (3G) mobile phone network that allows significantly higher download speeds in limited areas of Sydney and Melbourne. At a press conference in Sydney this morning, Vodafone executive Dave McNaughton said the upgrade to the High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) protocol would deliver typical download speeds of 600kbps to 1.

October 19, 2006 by

Vodafone first with Aussie HSDPA

update Mobile carrier Vodafone today said on 20 October it would switch on an upgrade to its third-generation (3G) mobile phone network that would allow significantly higher data download speeds.The upgrade to the High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) protocol, will theoretically allow Vodafone to provide speeds of up to 14.

October 3, 2006 by

Netspace flags telephony ambitions

Internet service provider Netspace has delayed the launch of its Internet telephony product due to expanding ambitions to provide a full-service telephone solution. Netspace had originally planned to start offering Internet telephony (also known as Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP) in the first half of 2006, in addition to pre-selection for long-distance, mobile and international calls.

June 14, 2006 by

Wireless ad hoc networks

Irish researchers are using collaborative learning techniques to develop a routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). Such networks are currently being tested in the center of Dublin before being deployed in other large cities.

March 15, 2006 by

Yahoo, Seven Network in joint venture

update Broadcaster the Seven Network and Yahoo will combine their online, mobile and Internet protocol TV businesses in a new joint venture spanning Australia and New Zealand."Seven and Yahoo will form a new 50-50 holding company that will own Yahoo Australia and New Zealand," according to a joint statement this afternoon.

December 8, 2005 by

VoIP delivered over power-line broadband

Country Energy claims it has successfully tested Engin's Internet telephony solution over its power-line broadband (BPL) network."The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls have successfully been linked to land-line and mobile phones as part of a trial being carried out in [the regional NSW city of] Queanbeyan," Country issued a statement saying.

June 29, 2005 by

Vodafone AU signs networking deal

Vodafone Australia has signed a deal for an Internet protocol data network solution to boost the resilience and efficiency with which the telecommunications provider can provide third-generation mobile services from next year.

December 1, 2004 by

Telecom company brings software to Linux

724 Solutions, a Toronto-based company that supplies mobile phone network operators with software to add Internet Protocol services, has released a Linux version of its X-treme Mobile Gateway product. The software, previously available only on Sun Microsystems' Solaris and Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX, is a gateway to permit access to Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) services.

October 24, 2003 by

Ericsson, NetScreen ink security deal

NetScreen Technologies teamed with Ericsson on Wednesday to provide the mobile giant with security technology. The technology from NetScreen is aimed at protecting carriers and other telecom service providers from intrusions and denial-of-service attacks. NetScreen said it signed an agreement to manufacture equipment for use in a range of Ericsson's telecommunications gear. For example, Stockholm, Sweden-based Ericsson will use the NetScreen-500 GPRS Security system in one of its services designed for mobile operators. NetScreen-500 GPRS Security provides firewall technology and security for VPNs (virtual private networks), private networks that exist within a public network. The technology will also protect VoIP (voice over IP) technology from intrusions and denial-of-service attacks, where a flood of requests brings a system down. Telecommunications have become increasingly vulnerable to these type of attacks as the technology involved shifts from traditional to Internet Protocol-based. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. --Tiffany Kary, Special to ZDNet News

May 15, 2002 by

Dynamicsoft raises $18 million

Dynamicsoft has raised an $18 million fourth round of funding. Sun Microsystems, Siemens Venture Capital, and previous investors ComVentures, The Sprout Group, UBS Capital and VantagePoint Venture Partners have participated in this latest round. East Hanover, N.J.-based Dynamicsoft has raised a total of $70 million. The company develops software to allow mobile carriers to offer such services as instant messaging and one-button dialing. Dynamicsoft's software is based on the session initiation protocol, which is designed to make it easier for carriers to build new communications services for real-time sessions. --Dawn Kawamoto, Special to ZDNet News

March 15, 2002 by

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