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March 8, 2016 By Altova

Altova XMLSpy Professional Edition

Altova XMLSpy 2016 Professional Edition is the industry-leading XML editor and XML development environment, with intuitive editing...

November 4, 2007 by

A programming proposition

The boring stuff - running the gear, backing up the database - belongs in a central IT function while the fun stuff -using, choosing, and changing applications - belongs in the user communities.

October 2, 2007 by

SAP's Peter Zencke: Inside Business ByDesign

Peter Zencke, a member of SAP’s Executive Board and head of R&D, spent the last fours years developing Business ByDesign, a new foundation for SAP's ERP software. I caught up with him during SAP TechEd ‘07 and asked about the origins of the product and what will differentiate it in the marketplace.

December 21, 2009 By VirtualSoft


SQL*Lite is used to perform SQL operations on Oracle or MySQL databases. Some of its features are: table/view browser, object search,...

February 12, 2007 by

768 cores ought to be enough for anybody

While Intel struggles to get their 80-core processor to work, a company you've probably never heard of has been quietly shipping systems with hundreds of cores. Last year at JavaOne I attended a presentation by Cliff Click of Azul Systems on scaling up an application that used to take weeks to run so that it could finish in minutes. After the Intel announcement, I tracked down Cliff to get his thoughts on multicore hardware and software.

September 19, 2006 by

The next generation of Web stacks: High productivity and a touch of controversy

I'm on an Amtrak train as I write this heading to New York City where I'll get a chance to see Harvard's Andrew McAfee of Enterprise 2.0 fame speak at Interop, a chance I'll get twice in the next two days, so expect some coverage here shortly. On my ride, I thought I'd address some of the good points fellow ZDNetter Ryan Stewart made last week about the rise of new Rich Internet Applications (RIA) technologies such as Flex and OpenLaszlo. Ryan wrote about the advantage of having a robust, modern Web stack supporting a RIA aplication.

March 8, 2016 By Altova

Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition

Altova XMLSpy 2016 Enterprise Edition is the industry's best-selling XML editor and XML development environment for modeling, editing,...

May 15, 2006 by

NetBeans Day: Project Matisse Roadmap

Matisse raised the bar on Java GUI editors when it came out, so how can the visual editing team top that? With attention to detail, data binding, and a standard application framework, according to team members who showed off their latest code at NetBeans Day.

May 3, 2006 by

On the other hand (re: Java-based client-side computing).....

If you've been following this blog for the last couple of days, then you know that I've been exploring (here and here) the possibility that now may good time to re-examine the possibility of developing some sort of standard thin (or rich) client architecture.  For all of its faults, AJAX is solving a very real problem and adding to Google Mail's usability.

February 21, 2006 by

MashupCamp Day 2: The mashups

Day 2 of MashupCamp included geek dating—each presenter had five minutes to show their mashup to a rotating group of campers. David Schorr’s Weather Bonk and Ski Bonk mashups were among the more sophisticated mashups.

April 10, 2005 by

Data centre 101

Secrecy seems to shroud the data centre arena -- all well and good for security's sake, but not so great when trying to pick a provider. RMIT IT Test Labs' Kire Terzievski pulls back the curtains to find what data centre options exist.

October 5, 2004 by

Five IDEs tested

Builder AU technical editor, David McAmis tests out five of the most popular IDEs today to see if they live up to the Rapid Application Development (RAD) claim.

January 21, 2003 by

LinuxWorld: Taking the next step

Linux advocates will convene at a trade show in New York this week to promote their wares, tout customers, swap business cards and make their case that the operating system is growing up.

October 10, 2002 by

Making CMS decisions

Choosing a CMS product can be a mind-boggling experience. TechRepublic offers a case study of one company that's happy with its solution.


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