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December 4, 2003 By Yadabyte


Now you can carry an entire encyclopedia on your Psion device. Dictionaries, movie, and travel guides, novels, classics, reference...

February 20, 2002 by

Chip companies to support Symbian OS

Symbian, which makes operating systems for wireless phones, on Wednesday announced that six new semiconductor companies will support its OS. Agilent Technologies, Epson, Parthus, Philips Semiconductors, Samsung and STMicroelectronics will join ARM, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments in integrating the Symbian OS with their chips that use an ARM core, a technology that boosts chip performance. The move, announced at a conference in Cannes, France, is expected to reduce the time it takes to develop mobile phones and get them to market. Symbian's news follows similar announcements from Microsoft on Tuesday. Symbian is an independent company owned by Ericsson, Nokia, Matsushita, Motorola, Psion and Sony Ericsson. Ericsson, Nokia and Psion are already shipping devices using the Symbian OS. --Richard Shim, Special to ZDNet News

December 13, 1999 by

Mobile Net access: may the browser battle commence

Ericsson's decision to join Microsoft to develop Net-enabled mobile phones had some fund managers rushing to sell stock in Psion. Psion co-owns OS venture, Symbian, along with Ericsson, Matsushita, Motorola and Nokia, but as Tony Hallett explains, Microsoft playing its mobile Net card is far from game over for Symbian

March 9, 1998 by

Psion OS at heart of Philips smart phone add-on

Psion gained a step forward in its battle to put its software at the heart of more devices when Philips announced a module that provides Internet and messaging 'smart phone' options for users of the Ilium GSM mobile phone. Called Synergy, the product is slated to be available in the April-June quarter this year.

March 17, 1997 by

Psion licenses Java for handheld OS

Psion Software has licensed Java for use in its EPOC32 operating system intended as the heart of forthcoming handhelds, smart phones and other mobile devices. The products will be made by Psion as well as licensed to third-parties.


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