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January 19, 2009 by

Palm Pre: Can it trump the iPhone? Will it matter?

The Palm Pre is the first smartphone innovative enough to give the iPhone a run for its money. In fact, it leapfrogs the iPhone in a several key areas. The big question is whether Palm can deliver and if it has the chutzpah to take on the Apple juggernaut.

February 3, 2013 By Shape

IM+ All-in-One Messenger for BlackBerry

Chat within MSN, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM, Jabber, ICQ, VKontakte, Yandex Chat, Mail.ru Agent, RenRen, Mamba.Ru, Mig33,...

April 21, 2006 by

Palm to add BlackBerry Connect to Treo 650

Palm looks set to announce the availability of RIM's BlackBerry Connect (BBC) push-e-mail and calendar software to Australian users of the Palm Treo 650 handheld. In a media invitation to Palm's "first in Australia" launch briefing to be held on Thursday April 27, Palm says it "will be launching a significant new solution for the Treo, which promises to provide users with…an even more powerful and compelling mobile computing solution.

January 4, 2004 by

2004: The year of the smart phone? Yes and no

Smart phones have been one of the big subjects of 2003. But how close are we to the dream of a single device, great for voice, multimedia and various data apps, one equally at home in a high-powered meeting or down the pub? Tony Hallett has been trying out three of the most interesting devices organisations are considering…

February 24, 2005 By WebToGo Mobiles Internet


Now you can send a message as e-mail and an SMS or MMS in one go. SMS/MMS and e-mail messages are saved in folders, where they can...

July 15, 2003 by

David Nagel Unplugged: Can Palm re-connect?

If anyone has the pedigree to ensure that the Palm operating system remainsa contender in the mobile market, it's PalmSource CEO David Nagel. Hefaces some determined competitors. Microsoft's warchest, RIM's BlackBerry,Symbian-based phones, and Sun's J

June 5, 2003 by

Treo: Nice, but nowhere near nirvana

Along with the BlackBerries, Handspring's Treo 300 has to rate as one of the better converged devices available today. But, would I buy one? No. Here's why handheld nirvana remains, once again, just beyond my grasp.


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