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April 7, 2009 by

Review: First look at the Nokia E75 messaging device

The Nokia E71, see my review, is one of the best QWERTY smartphones on the market and everyone who holds it wants it because it feels so solid and is extremely powerful and functional. I think the E71x should be a popular handset with AT&T when it launches this month for only $100. Two Nokia Eseries devices, the E75 and E55, were announced in February at Mobile World Congress so my goal at CTIA last week was to hunt these two down and get some hands-on time. I found the Nokia E75 in black and red, but the E55 was nowhere to be found and one person at the Nokia booth told me this device was cancelled so I am still trying to find out what the status is regarding its existence. I was able to secure an E75 to evaluate and have been using it exclusively since last Thursday. Check out my image gallery for photos of the hardware and some software as well as my YouTube video below of the device in action.

August 27, 2007 by

Is the HTC Advantage really the most powerful mobile office?

I posted my first impressions of the HTC Advantage about 10 days ago and have been using it as my primary device ever since it arrived. I actually wrote 90% of this review on the HTC Advantage with a Think Outside Sierra Bluetooth keyboard. Yes, I have even been using it as my mobile phone, even though the form factor is not optimized for this and HTC really doesn't even advertise its mobile phone functionality. Surprisingly, it actually performed as one of the best quality mobile phones I have ever used, but there are trade-offs that I'll talk about later. The HTC Advantage is the most powerful and full-featured Windows Mobile Professional device on the market and it is the largest Phone Edition I have used before. HTC's retail box states that the HTC Advantage X7501 is "The most powerful mobile office" and after over 2 weeks with the device I tend to agree it is an amazing device in a form factor that meets a great balance of compromises. Do I think it is worth the US$850 retail price ( price) and will I be buying one for myself after sending back the evaluation unit?

October 24, 2006 by

Skype fine for internal business calls

commentary Last week this column asked the question of whether free Internet telephony Skype was good enough for business use. In the seven days since that article was published, ZDNet Australia readers who voiced their opinion on the issue have broadly come to a consensus.

March 23, 2004 by

Can't J2EE and .NET just be friends?

The two Web services standards are now settling into their respective roles and the reasons for choosing one over the other are becoming clearer. But can they play nicely together?


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