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October 9, 2009 by

MobileTechRoundup show #185; Windows Mobile 6.5 and Google Android

The biggest news in the mobile world this week was obviously the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 and several devices so we had to spend some time during MobileTechRoundup show #185 talking about Windows Mobile again. We did go on to talk about the other hot news story of the further adoption of the Google Android operating system, including by Verizon Wireless. Kevin has been having some Google Sync for iPhone issues and also told us we should try out data roaming on the Palm Pre and HTC Hero.

June 19, 2009 by

Equity in the cellular world

Don't be cruel telcos. Vinnie over at Deal Architect and others are venting at the cellular telcos. The issues du jour are: high cost of international roaming, locked SIM cards, the cost to upgrade, and inability to buy unlocked phones like the iPhone.

August 26, 2008 by

AT&T: International iPhone surfing plans start at $120

If you have an iPhone and are traveling abroad, AT&T is now offering new data plans that should save some money over regular pay-per-use roaming charges. Roughly, a 100 megabyte plan will run $120 per month while a 200-megabyte plan will cost $200.

January 11, 2007 by

End of the PC? No, iPhone is the end of the cell phone

It's a longshot, but if they succeed the cell industry will be soon shrinking rapidly into irrelevancy. All that wasted money! Too bad because all things will be Internet Protocol-based -- the best true convergence. The Wi-Fi spots today will burgeon and blossom via new WiMax meshes, and later via satellite-based Internet canopies (for higher "roaming" cost, for sure). Your PC and iPhone (using the same guts and GUIs) will hop along an IP constellation, with certain "visitor" fees applied but no single-provider lock-in.


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