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Paylocity Mobile

Paylocitys integrated application provides quick and easy access to a variety of Web Pay and Web Time features. Some of these activities...

February 17, 2015 By Paylocity

Spam Ignorer Corporate Edition

Spam Ignorer is a powerful antispam system designed to protect your mail server from spam with 100% of effectiveness and in a simple...

January 29, 2014 By Spam Ignorer

Cisco Q4 expectations rise with enterprise demand

The consensus view for Cisco appears to be that macroeconomic conditions have improved and the company is grabbing share in the data center courtesy of its servers, switches and routers.

August 13, 2013

Paylocity Mobile

Paylocity Mobile provides convenient self-service access to your individual Payroll and Human Resource information, 24/7. Users may...

July 18, 2013 By Paylocity

Canonical updates Ubuntu Landscape management platform

Canonical has enhanced the systems management tool for Ubuntu desktop, servers and cloud instances. Landscape is available as part of Ubuntu Advantage subscription and has been updated with roles-based access control, better compliance reporting, a robust API, bare metal provisioning and enhanced integration with Ubuntu 12.04, the company said.

September 17, 2012 by

Google begins alerting Gmail users to 'state-sponsored' attacks

Google has been notifying users of its services about suspected phishing attempts, and it's also notified webmasters of hacked servers. Now the company has begun alerting Gmail customers who may be victims of a "state-sponsored" cyberattack.

June 5, 2012

Dell reaches for ARM in servers

The company has announced it will follow the likes of HP in using ARM-based chips in its servers, with a view to saving power in datacentres

May 31, 2012

Unpatched server led to GlobalSign breach

GlobalSign failed to update one of its web servers, which allowed a hacker to access it, and led to the company ceasing operations for more than a week.

April 25, 2012

Cloud provider offers DIY water-cooled servers

What would you say if you were offered hosting or cloud services by a company which not only built its own datacentres but whose datacentres are water-cooled using its own proprietary cooling systems, and its own servers and storage systems? In other words, a much more vertically integrated provider than the ones you're used to.

March 2, 2012 by

Dell: We have ARM servers but see no demand yet

Dell has been shipping servers based on ARM's RISC architecture chips rather than the industry standard x86 format for some time, the company has revealed to ZDNet UK."I have [ARM] designs I can put my hands on today," Dell's president of enterprise solutions, Brad Anderson, told ZDNet UK.

February 27, 2012 by

HP aims for smarter datacentres with ProLiant Gen8

The company has announced the arrival of its ProLiant Gen8 'self-sufficient' servers, which are designed to deliver continuous intelligence on server health, power usage and other diagnostics

February 14, 2012

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