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December 3, 2014 By Steema Software

TeeChart for .NET

Feature Summary: - 100% Managed C#.NET Charting Control - Optional - Full C# sourcecode available ( includes code for Xamarin...

November 6, 2010 by

Platform as luxury

Why Adobe and Microsoft have such different plans for Flash and Silverlight and such similar views of HTML 5.If you look at the dozens of Web sites Microsoft has collected to show off what you can do in HTML 5 - or, obviously, what you can do in IE9, which has a pretty comprehensive implementation of a standard in progress - you'll see a lot of things you used to expect to need a plug-in like Flash or Silverlight to achieve.

October 7, 2010 by

Adobe, Microsoft discuss biting Apple

For a while, it seemed like Adobe and Microsoft were destined to be pure rivals. Microsoft seemed to be going after Adobe at every front, from Silverlight taking on Flash to Redmond's planned rival format to PDF.

April 24, 2012 By VOIP SIP SDK


Ozeki VoIP SIP .NET SDK allows to develop WinForms DTMF IVR system to build IVR voice menu. It is based on Ozeki SIP SDK that ensures...

April 19, 2012 By Ozeki Autodialer


With Ozeki VoIP SIP .NET SDK you can develop C# SIP softphone for mixing/recording incoming/outgoing voice calls. The SDK also includes...

March 30, 2010 by

Google gives Flash some hope for the future

Companies like Microsoft and Apple have been giving Adobe a bit of a hard time -- not supporting Flash on their mobile devices, and blaming the plugin for being sub-par. With big players shunning Adobe, and technologies like Silverlight and HTML5 threatening to steal developers, something has got t happen.

March 18, 2010

Silverlight 4 RC

Microsoft's Silverlight started out as a Flash competitor, but has evolved into a cross-platform way of delivering .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications both in and out the browser.

November 6, 2009 by

Bye bye browser?

What’s the future of the web?On one side there’s Flash and Silverlight and the rich internet applications world, which is working on ways of taking the web outside the browser and onto the desktop, where it “lights up” applications and plugs them into a connected world of APIs and services.

September 28, 2009 by

Akamai aims to bring HDTV to the Web

Akamai unveiled a network for high-definition video designed to deliver content via Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight and Apple's iPhone. The goal: Deliver an HDTV experience online.

September 8, 2009 by

Microsoft to preview two Silverlight 4 features

Microsoft is slated to show off two features that it is incorporating into the next version of Silverlight, its Internet Explorer plug-in alternative to Adobe Flash at the International Broadcasting Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam, which kicks off on September 11.

May 27, 2009 by

Skyfire 1.0 rolls out for WM and Symbian, rocks on the E71x

Skyfire is a proxy-based web browser that runs on millions of mobile phones around the world. The browser has been in beta for some time and I have tested it out on Windows Mobile and S60 devices in the past. I was pleased to see them announce version 1.0 (PDF press release) today for immediate availability and download. Skyfire supports Flash 10, Silverlight 2, Ajax, Javascript, and more. The browser has integrated Facebook and Twitter feeds on the Start Page too and lets you share and publish any web page to Facebook and Twitter with a single click.


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