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February 7, 2010 by

SAP: the challenges ahead

It's started. Speculation around whether SAP ex-CEO Leo Apotheker jumped or was pushed, a trawl through past failures, an implied writing off of SAP because its strategy seems muddled and as for SaaS?

March 14, 2008

The industry reflects, looks ahead

Industry players look back at 2007, discuss recession fears and name some hot technologies they'll be looking out for in 2008.

November 28, 2007 by

Why Microsoft hates Google's Android

Richard Monson-Haefel, an analyst at the Burton group, just posted a sarcastic and inaccurate analysis of Android called "Why Microsoft Loves Google's Android". Perhaps he feels he's doing Sun and the JCP a favor by attacking Android, but he's not. In fact, he has managed to get things twisted around so badly I felt compelled to write a rebuttal. I hardly know where to begin...

September 25, 2007 by

Linux crashes the mobile party

Cutting costs by deploying Linux is a well-established strategy on the server and even the desktop, but what effect could it have on the cost of mobile computing?

June 8, 2007 by

SOA Insights analysts join The Open Group to help define new role of SOA architect

Yet almost everyone I speak to worries that talent may be the largest inhibitor to the advancement of SOAs in enterprises. As IBM executives described at the recent IBM Innovate event, a lot of "T" people are needed, whereby the horizontal bar represents wide business knowledge about the industry and niche that the SOA supports, along with a deep vertical bar representing technical acumen and implementation achievement. IBM is taking steps to help foster the emergence of more SOA "T" people, and they are hiring them all over the world as fast as they can.

March 26, 2007 by

Adobe Apollo is dead on arrival

After reading an essay by Bruce Eckel about how great Adobe Apollo was going to be, I had high hopes for the product. But after reviewing the alpha release, those hopes were quickly dashed...

March 23, 2007 by

The Sun that shines under IT

Sun Microsystems CIO Bob Worrall counts down to the first phase of its new ERP project and shares what he believes the IT organization of the future will look like.

February 18, 2007 by

SOA analysts examine TIBCO's SOA tools, ESBs as platform, webMethods Fabric 7, HP's foray into BI

What's happening with IBM around SCA, and what TIBCO is doing around ActiveMatrix, and what webMethods is doing, have the capability for people with the right skills and the right organizational attributes. They have the ability to create this domain, where change can be made pretty rapidly and in a pretty manageable way. That's much more than just being about technology. It’s actually an organizational, cultural process, an IT process, in terms of how we go about doing things. It's those issues, as well as a matter of buying something from TIBCO. Everything’s bound up together.


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