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Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia's first Windows Phone handset, the Lumia 800 was the first fruit of what will be an ongoing collaboration with Microsoft that will see Nokia use Windows Phone for all its smartphones in the future.The Lumia 800 is a premium smartphone selling SIM-free for around £399 (inc.

February 3, 2012

Nokia E73 Mode heading to T-Mobile on June 16

T-Mobile USA and Nokia have gotten together to announce the impeding release of the Nokia E73 Mode. Even though the QWERTY keyboard looks bigger than the display, it's a more than decent smartphone with a budget-friendly price.

June 3, 2010 by

Truphone Local Anywhere SIM and services makes every call local

On previous trips to Europe I have used Truphone to make calls on my Nokia devices. Over the last couple of years Truphone has rolled out mobile clients for various smartphone operating systems and today they announced (PDF file) their latest service called Truphone Local Anywhere that makes every call a local call. The service is designed for international travelers who could save more than 90 percent on their mobile bills with this new service that provides local number for calls, texts, and data with a single SIM card. The Truphone Local Anywhere service launched today in the US and UK with other countries coming in 2010.

January 19, 2010 by

Hands-on first impressions of the Google Nexus One

As I wrote yesterday I just couldn't resist another great smartphone on T-Mobile USA and since I use lots of Google services I jumped on the Nexus One bandwagon and placed my order. It arrived via free FedEx overnight shipping at my hotel here at CES 2010 this morning and then had to go through a couple hours of Mirage loading dock processing. My tracking info also showed it as damaged and delivered so I was a bit worried I would have a dead device. As you can see in my image gallery the box was trashed and the plastic air pocket cushions were flat, but the Nexus One was packed in a very sturdy box and all seems to be well with it.

January 6, 2010 by

Samsung Galaxy i7500

Samsung's Galaxy i7500 has a superb AMOLED screen, but the battery life is disappointing, especially if you're a heavy GPS user. Given the prevalence of location-aware services for Android, that's a cardinal sin.

November 30, 2009 by

Holiday Gift Guide 2009: Smartphones

The lineup of cell phones has expanded a bit, but a significant number of what we see in that category are updates to existing models. The real innovation in the mobile phone world is in the area of smartphones where we see the Apple iPhone, Palm WebOS, Google Android, RIM BlackBerry, and Microsoft Windows Mobile devices taking us to places we have never been before. This holiday season there is a huge selection for you to choose from on every carrier and several exciting devices will be launching throughout November. There are so many to choose from that we can't cover them all here so I will present you with one smartphone from each carrier and one SIM-unlocked one.

November 1, 2009 by

O2 Xda Venn

O2’s longstanding Xda line includes a range of Windows Mobile-based devices. But the Xda Venn adds something new, as it's the first 'dual slider' Xda smartphone.

October 2, 2009

Acer F900

The F900 is a solid performer with a nice 3.8in. screen, good battery life and a reasonable price. Acer's front end for Windows Mobile could do with a rethink though.

September 10, 2009 by

T-Mobile USA to soon launch the Motorola CLIQ Android device

I briefly tried the myTouch 3G and then went and bought the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 thinking these would be the best T-Mobile USA 3G smartphones for a while. We then saw the Nokia N900 announced with support for T-Mobile's 1700 MHz 3G network and I preordered one for myself. Today at the Mobilize 09 conference we heard from Motorola that the CLIQ will be coming to T-Mobile USA this Fall so we will get yet another powerful Google Android device and 3G smartphone on T-Mobile. I was thinking Sprint customers were lucky with all of their new devices (Palm Pre and Pixi, HTC Hero, Touch Pro2) and now we are seeing T-Mobile USA having plenty of options for the smartphone fan and as a long-time T-Mobile customer I couldn't be happier.

September 10, 2009 by

Acer Tempo M900

We like the Acer M900's large 3.8in. screen, but its slide-out QWERTY keyboard is less successful. Acer's Shell user interface may not appeal to all, but the fingerprint reader is welcome.

July 27, 2009 by

T-Mobile announces Dash 3G and confirms 2nd Android announcement

One of the more impressive devices I had a chance to see at CTIA in April was the HTC Snap. Today T-Mobile USA announced that the HTC Snap will be coming to T-Mobile as the T-Mobile Dash 3G and serve as the successor to the very popular T-Mobile Dash. THe T-Mobile Dash was the smartphone that had my wife switch to the Windows Mobile platform and never look back and she actually went through three of them. I imagine I will have to pick one of these new Dash 3G devices up for her when they are released in July too.

June 17, 2009 by

HTC Touch Pro 2: I want one

HTC Touch Pro 2I’ve always been a sucker for a good smartphone. Right back when they weren't phones at all but SIM free PDAs and I had a Psion 3 then a Psion 5 I’ve been a fan.

June 3, 2009 by

CES 2009: Nokia announces E63 QWERTY device for the US for only $279 unlocked

The Nokia E71 is a fantastic device (see my review) and I keep on going back to using it because it has a killer form factor and is solid as a rock. Nokia announced the E63 back in November for Europe and other countries. Today at CES 2009, Nokia announced that the E63 will be coming to the USA with support for 3G (on AT&T) for a low MSRP of US$279 as a SIM-unlocked device.

January 7, 2009 by

Want an unlocked Google G1 Android device for $399?

I am pretty pleased with my T-Mobile G1 Google Android device (see my review) and in a couple of months I understand I will be able to unlock it and use it with my AT&T SIM card or overseas too. If you want an unlocked G1 now, according to Engadget you can buy one for just $424 right now. The G1 is US$399 and then you have to register as a developer and pay the US$25 fee to get access to the purchase option from T-Mobile USA.

December 6, 2008 by

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