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Love ForEver

LOVE FOR EVER best SMS App having collection for inspirational sms. you can share all the feelings of you through these effective sms...

14 hours ago By Chotamall

StarHub launches API platform for voice and SMS

SmartFoundry, an application programming interface platform, will allow software developers to leverage the telco's voice calling and SMS capabilities to make it easier to create apps and services. Other network functions to come next.

November 8, 2013 by

ZERO Communication - MMS,SMS

ZERO Communication (SMS) is the smallest, fastest, most private messaging appfor best SMS/MMS experience!ZERO Communication (SMS) is...

2 days ago By Zero Team

Optus protects against usurping apps

As smartphone apps such as iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger usurp the traditional role of SMS, Optus has said that by developing its own apps, the company would seek to protect itself from further encroaching on its territory.

November 9, 2011

Your online deadbolt: Google opens 2-step verification to all users

Google account holders will soon be seeing an invitation to opt-in to a 2-step verification sign-on feature being offered by the company, a online deadbolt that makes it harder for someone to hack into your account.The feature, which has been available for Apps customers and is now being offered to all account holders, adds a second step of entering a code that is sent to the user's mobile phone - either by phone call, SMS text or a smartphone app.

February 10, 2011 by

Building Brand With Web 2.0 Tools

If you’re familiar with Twitter, you’ve probably figured out there’s some interesting things you can do with these types of SMS-based apps. If you’re a power Twitterer all of you know it’s way more than “what am I doing”. Jaiku’s the other one, and although essentially both provide the same capabilities, I give an aesthetic edge to Jaiku for its slick looking badges.  That aside, while working on a community project yesterday, we started thinking about how these tools can benefit the business. If you extrapolate what’s being done  by some of the big brands, it’s pretty easy to see the evolution. Take ZDNet for instance. Their approach aggregates all of their blogs into one Twitter feed. Using something like TwitKu, (screenshot below) I get a pulse of what ZDNet is covering that hour. And ZDNet knows most people won’t have the inclination to subscribe to all of their blogs, so they give us options. That’s an important notion when building your business case. Always give the user options. If you want to be a media company, act like one. Show me how to consume, repurpose, mashup, and deliver your content not just in ways you want but ways I want.Other companies, including Dell and the NYTimes, also use  use Twitter to push out all sorts of content, from product updates and discounts to industry information and news. And isn’t it a bit ironic that the NY Times is so prolific on Twitter? They came across as a skeptic back in April. So know that we know there’s some real-world scenarios for this stuff, the question becomes how to best incorporate these communication tools into an integrated and cohesive marketing strategy? I’d suggest start by stripping away all the Web 2.0 monikers and buzzwords and boil it down to content and communication. From there think about what everyone else is thinking about. How do I come up with creative ways to distribute my content? After that, think about how to be a facilitator. Once a brand becomes a trusted information source or content provider, conversations happen. Tools like Twitter and Jaiku can drive those conversations.  And conversations build brand.

October 31, 2007 by

The best of ZDNet, delivered

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