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Slimming down the bloated iTunes installer

How do you supersize a simple music manager? Ask Apple. The Windows version of iTunes 8 takes up nearly 200MB of space on a Windows PC, including kernel-mode drivers, multiple system services, and at least one add-in. It takes a supersize helping of chutzpah to create an ad that criticizes Windows for its “bloat” and then deliver an upgrade with as much unnecessary junk as this one. If you’re like most people, you don’t need any of that additional junk. In this post, I’ll explain how you can figure out which parts of the package you need, and then show you how to wrestle control of iTunes back.

October 2, 2008 by

Vista Hands On #3: Check your disk before upgrading

If you're getting ready to perform a Vista upgrade, be on the lookout for two gotchas, both of which are related to your system drive. You'll need sufficient disk space and the right disk format. If your old PC is still using FAT32, this installment in my 30 Days of Vista Hand On series will explain how to convert it to NTFS.

February 14, 2007 by

Does Vista really need 15GB of disk space?

When you run the new Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, you'll find that Vista won't install unless you have 15GB of disk space free. Is this the most bloated OS upgrade ever? Nope. The actual installation uses much less space. Here's why.

May 23, 2006 by

TerraTec Aureon 7.1 Space

Despite its impressive specifications, little recorded material currently supports the Aureon 7.1 Space's eight-speaker format. Early adopters should take a look, but the rest of us are better off waiting.

February 12, 2003 by

Apple iPod 10GB

Like the original 5GB iPod, price notwithstanding, this is the finest MP3 player that we've ever reviewed. However, we still wish that Apple would offer native Windows support.

April 3, 2002 by

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