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14 hours ago By Utlimate Apps

Battery Charge By Solar Prank

This is a special solar battery Charger. The battery charging effect shows only in presence of sun light. Charge your mobile battery...

April 19, 2014 by

Jet lag app gets you back in sync

Mathematicians have developed a smartphone app that helps travelers restore their misaligned rhythms. It tells you exactly when you should soak up some sun, and when to call it a night.

15 hours ago By CATCH RUN ATTACK

Solar battery Prank Chargerr

Sophisticated Technology has been used to make this Solar Battery Prank Charger for all the mobile across Globe. All you need to do...

15 hours ago By Meetricos Yang

Lux Battery Charger Prank

Trick your friends and family into thinking that the Phone or pad touch actually has light lux charging capabilities. This sensor is...


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