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Nvidia chip with Java allows 3D modeling on cell phones

At the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco, Ken Russell and Sven Gothel of Sun Microsystems explain how the Nvidia APX2500 chip allows developers to write Java apps on a desktop and run them directly to cell phones. Users will be able to play games and navigate cities in 3D using GPS.

May 12, 2008 by

Sun unveils JavaFX apps, Photo Flocker, Movie Cloud

Sun Microsystems demos two new JavaFX-powered applications, Photo Flocker and Movie Cloud, at its annual JavaOne Conference in San Francisco Tuesday. Rich Green, the company's executive vice president of software, shows attendees Photo Flocker, an app that allows users to search for photos by tags and display the photos in a montage. He also previews Movie Cloud, a 3D organization tool displaying dozens of HD videos at one time.

May 6, 2008 by

Sun to swap out ME for SE on mobile devices -- high risk alert!

The poor performance Sun has had with Java on the full PC client is now coming back to haunt them on the mobile client. If there had been a fuller Java applications community for the PC, perhaps that would have ushered in all those apps (and ISVs) to the converged classes of devices. But alas Java on the client did not storm the world. And ME is too fragmented. And bringing an SE version down to the mobile class is the answer, huh?

October 19, 2007 by

OpenOffice won't fork -- for now

In spite of a bitter battle between Novell and Sun developers, OpenOffice won’t fork – at least for now.That's the consensus among several OpenOffice developers who are locked in a bitter dispute with Sun over how the open source project is governed but who nevertheless agree that a fork would be the worst outcome for a project that has enough difficulty competing against Microsoft Office let alone Google Apps and other online services in the future.

October 12, 2007 by

Project Indiana: Could Sun outshine Microsoft's Silverlight?

At its JavaOne conference, which kicks off in San Francisco on May 8, Sun is promising a major technology unveiling, code-named "Project Indiana." It sounds like at least part of Sun's announcement could involve a deal with Adobe, via which Sun will be distributing the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as part of Adobe Flash.

May 7, 2007 by

Google Apps Premier Edition - let the games begin!

The white noise level surrounding Google's announcement last night about their new premium offering – Google Apps Premier Edition – is bound to reach epic levels and last quite a while as everyone wraps their head around what has always seemed to me to be an inevitability on a par with the sun rising in the East and setting in th West. No one should be surprised by this announcement.

February 21, 2007 by

Australian Prophecy, Sun join for Java apps

Australian software developer Prophecy International has signed a marketing agreement with Sun Microsystems, opening up a large un-tapped market for the company in the US. The joint marketing agreement concerns Prophecy's Velatte, a Java-based rapid application assembly environment, which Prophecy says enables large organisations to build Internet-enriched business solutions in weeks, instead of months.

February 25, 2002 by

No more JVM with XP: Opportunity or disaster?

Now that Microsoft has announced plans to remove the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from the next version of its Windows operating system and Internet Explorer, the debate has started about whether this is a terrible blow to Sun or a chance to use a different channel to distribute JVM. Will users download the plug-in needed to run Java-based programs, or will Sun succeed in getting manufacturers to include the latest version of its software with their machines?

August 22, 2001 by

Sun buys consumer apps maker

Hoping to gain an edge in the market for Internet-enabled phones, televisions and pagers, Sun Microsystems Inc. Tuesday bought consumer software maker Beduin Communications Corp.

October 19, 1998 by

Sun bundles apps suite with NC

Sun will answer critics who say that its JavaStation Network Computer will suffer from lack of business applications by bundling an Office-like suite for a limited period.

November 8, 1996 by

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