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Symantec Goes Into The Cloud With Email Filtering

Symantec today announced its acquisition of MessageLabs, a 520-person UK-based email filtering and security vendor. Given the cost and hassles that information & knowledge management professionls (IKM Pros) have keeping email spam down to a dull roar and keeping viruses outside the firewall, this is a great move for Symantec.

October 8, 2008 by

Gartner: Beware of Mac OS spyware

Research firm Gartner has issued a warning to companies using Mac OS to guard against malicious code attacks and spyware.Just a week after Symantec caused uproar in the Mac community by warning the OS X operating system was quickly becoming a target for hackers and viruses, Gartner has warned businesses reliant on the Mac to guard against 'spyware infestations'.

March 28, 2005 by

Patch our products because the viruses are coming: Symantec

Symantec has warned its customers to patch or upgrade their security products because of a recently discovered vulnerability that could actually help malware writers execute virus code on apparently 'protected' systems.The flaw affects the majority of Symantec's enterprise and consumer security products - including antivirus, antispam and even firewalls - and can be exploited using a specially crafted virus or Web page.

February 9, 2005 by

Asia sees May computer virus spike

Last month saw a spike in the number of moderately destructive viruses in the Asia-Pacific, while the Nokia phone giveaway hit the top of the e-mail hoax charts globally. Security software firm Symantec said it received an increase in virus submissions and customer reports from the Asia-Pacific region in May, largely as a result of two Category Three (CAT 3) virus outbreaks—the Fizzer and Sobig.

June 2, 2003 by

EMC storage gets antivirus tools

Storage-system maker EMC has announced that its high-end Celerra file-storage system now supports antivirus software from Computer Associates, McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro. Using software from these companies lets a computer system check for viruses as files are written to the Celerra system, EMC said Tuesday.

October 9, 2001 by

Norton Internet Security 2000

In light of the fact that the Internet has many more threats other than viruses, responsible companies protect their networks with firewall software. Symantec Corp.

September 29, 2000 by

Symantec rolls out virus blocker

Anti-virus firm Symantec Corp. (symc) on Friday showed off blocking technology to stop viruses that use scripting to infect, manipulate and destroy programs and data on computers.

September 28, 2000 by

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