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Health2Sync - Diabetes Care

Health2Sync helps you manage Diabetes by making blood glucose and activity tracking easier. Key features of Health2Sync:Plug-n-Sync:...

2 days ago by H2 Inc.

SkyDrive for Windows

Just before Google finally released Google Drive cloud storage and sync (see our First Take here), Microsoft made some improvements to its own cloud sync and storage service, SkyDrive, including releasing preview Windows and Mac versions of the SkyDrive app that's already available for Windows Phone and iPhone. (There isn't an official SkyDrive app for Android, but Microsoft has endorsed some of the free Android apps like Browser, Portfolio and Cloud Explorer).

April 28, 2012

Windows Intune April 2012 pre-release

The next version of Microsoft's cloud PC management service will add mobile device management, including sideloading enterprise apps to iOS and Android devices. That's not ready to try out in the pre-release version you can sign up for now, but you can check out the new user interface and see how the Windows Azure Active Directory sync will work.

April 23, 2012


MacDropAny is a simple app that painlessly allows Mac users to sync any folder on their computer through Dropbox, Google Drive, or...

December 16, 2014 by Zibity

Google introduces new features to Sync for iOS

Google has updated its iOS Google Sync product, which keeps the native mail and calendar apps on Apple's iPhone and iPad devices synchronised with Google's Gmail, Calendar and Contacts services.In a blog post on Wednesday, software engineer Steve Hardt said the updated version had three key enhancements.

June 17, 2011 by

Dropbox releases iPhone app

One of my favorite Mac OS X apps is Dropbox, a small, free application that allows you store files on the cloud and access, share, sync and download files on the go. It's great for storing frequently accessed files and for sharing said files with your closest amigos.

September 30, 2009 by

Zune HD games, sponsored by the Kia Soul

Microsoft has stated that apps like Twitter and Facebook will be released for the Zune HD before the end of the year, but at launch you will find 2 apps and 7 games available for you to download from the Zune Marketplace. These apps are not preloaded on the Zune HD so you will have to load them from the Zune via WiFi or onto your PC and then sync to your Zune HD. Microsoft has stated that the apps are free and future apps are planned to stay free, but as you can see in my video below the games available so far are all ad sponsored. This may impact the user wanting to play the games to have to sit through an ad every single time it is launched and I think people would rather pay 99 cents for the game instead.

September 15, 2009 by

3 new apps appear on Palm Pre App Catalog, including Palm Desktop sync

Official app releases are few and far between for the Palm Pre, but according to the Palm webOS Blog three new ones just appeared tonight. Two are games, Blackout and Spades, while the third is a desktop syncing client from the folks at Chapura. The developer of Spades has a couple of other Palm Pre apps coming soon to the App Catalog and also created a couple of Google Android games.

August 14, 2009 by

Google Apps gets more contact sync features

Google has announced further enhancements to its Google Apps Directory Sync tool.The updated functionality, which follows on from recent enhancements such as the ability to find colleagues through the global address list, includes the ability to synchronise contact information for non-employees who are listed in the central directory.

July 30, 2009 by

Google Apps Sync cuts off Outlook's desktop search

Updated: Installing the Google Apps Sync plug-in apparently prevents Outlook to search your email data.According to Microsoft's Outlook blog, Google's much ballyhooed effort to sync Apps and Outlook disables Windows Desktop Search, which indexes your email data and searches it.

June 16, 2009 by

Local Outlook and more syncing come to the Palm Pre

Applications are rolling out slowly, but surely on the Palm Pre and part of the fun aspect with devices like this and the G1 are discovering the new apps in the handset store as they are released. Those of you who have Outlook and other PIM desktop clients will be happy to know there are now applications to sync with your PC and Mac in case you do not have Exchange or want to sync in the cloud.

June 10, 2009 by

Google Apps: With Outlook sync, feel free to dump Exchange

Google today announced a feature that allows Google Apps customers to sync their mail, calendar and contacts directly into Outlook, allowing the users to keep what they love most about Outlook without being tied to the costs of running an Exchange server. (Techmeme)For companies, the move helps tear down barriers toward an adoption of Google Apps, a cloud-based service that the company has been pitching as an easy-to-use, less expensive alternative approach toward corporate mail.

June 9, 2009 by

Google adds contact syncing for your Blackberry

A piece of news that somehow didn't get a lot of attention is that the Google Sync utility for Blackberry now does contacts too. This is a huge leap forward for Google Apps -- users now have the ability to do true two-way syncing with their Blackberry for mail, calendar appointments, and contacts.

November 23, 2008 by

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