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iCPS for Arlington

The Club Prophet Systems iphone app will enable the customers of Arlington to book tee time reservations directly to Club Prophet Systems...

January 9, 2014 By Club Prophet System

Why I don't really care about 'Open' that much any more

Not a day goes by when someone doesn't email or post a TalkBack to complain about my personal use (and advocation of) of 'closed' hardware and software. iPhone. iPod. Windows Phone. iPad. Kindle. TomTom. Windows. Mac. iTunes. The list of closed systems that are supposedly 'verboten' to both use and mention seems endless.Wanna know something? I don't care.

June 29, 2011

iCPS for Birdsfoot

The Club Prophet Systems iphone app will enable the customers of Birdsfoot to book tee time reservations directly to Club Prophet Systems...

June 27, 2013 By Club Prophet System

iCPS for Cantigny

The Club Prophet Systems iphone app will enable the customers of Cantigny Golf to book tee time reservations directly to Club Prophet...

June 25, 2013 By Club Prophet System

Apple's iPhone brought an entire mobile economy along for the ride with its App Store. Now mobile apps are everywhere as multiple platforms including Google's Android, RIM's BlackBerry, Nokia's Symbian and Microsoft's Windows Phone systems play catch up. To win the app game, mobile players need to keep developers happy, make them money and delight customers.

April 14, 2010 by

Schneider Electric releases iPhone app for home energy control

If your home or business uses the Wiser home controller technology from Schneider Electric, there's now an iPhone app you can use do mess around with things from a remote location.Wiser works with the C-Bus home automation technology that is embedded into certain lighting and heating, air-conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems, or even home irrigation systems.

March 18, 2010 by

Linux in your hand; from geeks only to consumer friendly mass market

My first experience with mobile Linux was with a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 I bought back in 2003. It was very customizable with apps and functionality and you could change the ROM on it rather easily to fit your needs, but it also required you to spend hours and hours tweaking and refining it to get it to work just right. When I heard that we would see more Linux-based mobile operating systems I didn't think they would amount to much because consumers seem to want products that work even if they don't have the most powerful functions (as we see with the iPhone). I am pleased to now see that smartphone operating systems based on Linux look to be the most powerful, customizable, flexible, and consumer friendly of all platforms we see in the market. We are seeing some wonderful devices running the Palm WebOS, Google Android, and Nokia Maemo operating systems with the Palm Pre, HTC Hero, Verizon Droid, Nokia N900 , and many more.

October 25, 2009 by

Are the iPhone and social networks making the classic Web and intranet obsolete?

There's been an important and relatively sudden change taking place over the last couple of years in the way that we interact with the Web. While direct access or search activity has been (and still is) the most common way that we access the content and applications of the Web, new ways have been rapidly growing and competing with how we work online, both at home and at work. These new models, exemplified by social networking sites like Facebook or mobile apps on platforms like the iPhone, Palm's new webOS, and Android, seems to be heralding a change in the way that we work with our IT systems in the enterprise.See what the implications are and what you can do about them.

October 25, 2009 by

Get off Microsoft's back, EVERY mobile OS has different co-existing versions

There has been a lot of talk today on the Internet about the possibility that Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Mobile 7 will co-exist in 2010. I have to say I really don't understand why people seem to think this is a big deal. We currently have different flavors of Windows Mobile available right now (5, 6.0, 6.1, Professional, Standard) so it seems to me that nothing is changing in 2010. Windows Mobile 7 has not been officially announced by Microsoft, but there is a ton of information out there in the public that shows it is coming in the future. Mary-Jo seems to have the inside scoop on Windows Mobile releases and even talks about some kind of chassis lineup. There are different version of mobile operating systems running Symbian, BlackBerry, and even iPhone co-existing today so this seems to me like a way to try to slam Microsoft and Windows Mobile rather than reporting on anything that is unusual.

August 19, 2009 by

King of the QWERTYs: RIM BlackBerry Tour

Capacitive touch screen devices are all the rage today with the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre, HTC Hero and BlackBerry Storm. However, there are still many people who want a non-touch screen forward facing QWERTY device that is heavily focused on messaging. While I tend to bounce around quite a bit between different devices, the forward facing QWERTY form factor is one of my absolute favorite. To help you figure out which of these devices might fit your needs we are going to present a three part feature (with a summary post too) looking at the best QWERTY devices running the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian operating systems available from US wireless carriers. The three selected devices are the RIM BlackBerry Tour, T-Mobile Dash 3G, and Nokia E71x.

July 20, 2009 by

From iPhones to smart grid sensors

When AT&T loses its iPhone exclusive, at least it will still represent some other wireless-enabled emerging technology: sensors for the smart grid.The telecommunications giant has struck an agreement with Cooper Power Systems under which it will be able to sell smart-grid sensor devices that have been certified to run on its wireless data network.

July 2, 2009 by

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