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December 2, 2010

Windows 7 migration: Calculating the ROI

The decision to upgrade to Windows 7 will need to make the cheque-signers happy, so this video explores the return on investment following the upgrade

November 30, 2009 by

Intel vs. AMD still isn't a fair fight

There are more hindrances to AMD’s ability to penetrate the market with its Opteron CPUs; and Intel’s not a fault this time. In an earlier blog post on the AMD-Intel settlement I brought up an example of a type of incompatibility that exists between the two CPU makers that isn’t covered by the settlement – live migration of virtual machines.

May 1, 2007 by

Case study touts .NET development for IBM portal server deployment

Such economics will be compelling not only to the financial sector as it seeks larger, unified, lower-TCO datacenter consolidation. It will also appeal to those seeking a practical approach to SOA -- build your services as you wish, or migrate the older ones, and host them in the best fashion for cost, scale, maintenance, and governance. Hosting organizations, ever wary of costs and energy use, can appeal to the widest base of applications and users while unifying or virtualizing their serving and data environments. The .NET to portlets cross-compilation benefits also aids in migration and coexistence exercises.

March 5, 2006 by

PA-RISC and the freedom to choose

HP's support for Linux on Intel as the alternative to HP-UX on PA-RISC or Tru64 on Alpha has had the odd side effect of making migration to IBM, Sun, or just plain white box Lintel much easier.

March 6, 1998 by

MS, Intel woo high-end developers

Microsoft and Intel have today launched the Migration Assistance Programme to encourage developers away from Unix and towards systems based on Intel's forthcoming 64-bit processors and running Windows NT.


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