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Turnbull's Small Town Thinking

Malcolm Turnbull has criticised the NBN approach for ignoring the VDSL potential in areas currently slated for wireless coverage. When you look at the current ADSL penetration in these areas you can see, he has a point.

June 2, 2013 by

Optus NBN prices add wrinkle to land rush

Optus' NBN pricing not only dispels fears that the NBN will be prohibitively expensive, but takes an interesting shift by replacing the oft-maligned bundled landline with incentives for customers to bundle a mobile. This confirms Optus' view that wireless is a complement to the NBN — and confirms the changing nature of the fixed-line land rush as telcos jockey to maximise their customer base before the NBN hits.

November 9, 2011 by

ACCC sets final fixed-line wholesale prices

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has finalised wholesale fixed-line access pricing for the next three years, setting a $16.21 monthly fee for telcos to access Telstra's copper network infrastructure in most areas for ADSL services.

July 20, 2011 by

NBN wireless from ADSL a backwards step?

NBN Co has declined to say what levels of latency can be expected from the wireless technology it will use to service most of the small percentage of Australia that won't be covered by fibre-optic cable, despite concerns that wireless might be a step backward from ADSL2+ fixed broadband.

March 21, 2011 by

NBN Co smooths ruffled Tassie feathers

The National Broadband Network Company has responded to criticism that it's not explaining its mission well to Tasmanian residents, saying that it had appointed a community relations manager in the state. It's also reassured those in areas to be served by wireless that existing ADSL broadband over Telstra's existing copper network won't be shut down for 10 years.

March 13, 2011 by

Coalition unveils broadband policy

The Coalition has unveiled its $6 billion rival broadband policy to Labor's National Broadband Network project, with the central planks being a competitive backhaul network, regional and metropolitan wireless networks and an ADSL enrichment program that will target telephone exchanges without ADSL2+ broadband.

August 9, 2010 by

NBN could force govt's hand on LTE

Telcos are clamouring for clarity around plans for next-generation wireless spectrum, but Stephen Conroy has been so distracted lately that enabling the NBN's 4 per cent seems to be on the back burner. The right approach could kill two birds with one stone — and keep Australia from missing yet another broadband boat.

May 30, 2010 by

DSLAM roll-outs continue despite NBN

Australia's telcos have not stopped rolling out broadband infrastructure such as ADSL Multiplexer (DSLAM) hardware in exchanges, despite the Federal Government's $43 billion National Broadband Network plans.

April 20, 2009 by

Optus' broadband network needs more Soul

Telco Soul will be one of the first companies to provide broadband services on the back of Optus' new ADSL network. In a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange, the two telcos today announced they had signed an agreement under which Soul and its subsidiary, mobile carrier B Digital, would get access to Optus's new network as well as other data and transmission services.

May 1, 2006 by

Unwired chief to head up IIA board

David Spence Wireless telco Unwired's chief executive officer David Spence is to chair the Internet Industry Association's (IIA) board in 2006, with a number of other heavyweights taking places by his side. The IIA is an industry group representing Australian online interests such as telcos, content creators, e-commerce traders, educational institutions and vendors.

February 16, 2006 by

Austar looks inland for wireless broadband

Austar CEO John Porter Austar will target communities like Broken Hill, which are generally underserviced by ADSL providers, during its regional rollout of wireless broadband, the company said today. Austar's chief executive John Porter yesterday announced that the rollout, based on the same wireless technology used by Sydney carrier Unwired, will go ahead in two regional markets in the first half of 2006, with another 15 to follow.

October 27, 2005 by

Billion myGuard 7500GL

Billion's myGuard 7500GL is an excellent wireless ADSL router for SOHO users. Its security features include QoS control, VPN access, a firewall and Trend Micro services.

March 28, 2005 by

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