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Math Game: Fractions

While suitable for all ages, this game is especially helpful for students currently learning fractions at school. Younger children...

2 days ago By Animated Oak Entertainment Ltd

Little Chomp

Official Selection, 2013 PAX East Indie Showcase"You don't want to pass this one up." - Touch Arcade (4.5/5)"Little Chomp is an expertly...

May 11, 2015 By ClutchPlay Games

IT teaching to get radical shake-up

Calling the current ICT syllabus 'harmful and dull', education secretary Michael Gove has said it will be scrapped and lessons will focus more on the basics of programming than on the use of Microsoft Word

January 11, 2012 by

Intellect wants current ICT curriculum scrapped

The trade body for the UK's technology sector, Intellect, has suggested the current ICT curriculum should be scrapped as it believes it is not providing sufficiently relevant training.Intellect said that the current ICT curriculum is "failing both pupils and employers" and suggested to the Department for Education (DfE) that computing should be a stand-alone subject available to pupils from Key Stage 3, with a focus on higher value computer science skills.

April 20, 2011 by

Money Pit

This is one money pit that won't run away your cash!Show your match three skills in this fast paced puzzle cash grab.You have 20 seconds...

April 30, 2015 By Reapptions

Fourth quarter IT hiring outlook: The helpdesk is hot

Eleven percent of CIOs plan to add IT workers in the fourth quarter, 3 percent plan cuts and help desk and technical support are the hot categories as customer and user support trumps projects focused on growth.Those are a few of the notable takeaways in an IT hiring and skills report from Robert Half Technology, a technology staffing firm.

September 2, 2008 by

G'day UK: Google Oz wants top techies back home

There's nothing wrong with senior Australian engineers, they just lack "world class experience", according to Google Australia's head of engineering, Alan Noble. Now he's heading to the UK to poach senior engineers from Australia's ex-pat community.

February 5, 2008 by

An odd side-effect of music piracy

I am on an active quest to learn Spanish, which is a bit complicated at times, as I often find that my developing Spanish language skills mixes with my French to become Franglish (Je suis tres cansado, pero...).

November 19, 2007 by

Report: CIOs see increase in IT hiring in third quarter

Chief Information Officers expect to hire more IT staff in the third quarter with optimism at the highest level since the fourth quarter of 2001. According to the Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Index and Skills Report, 17 percent of executives surveyed expect to add IT workers in the next three months with 2 percent predicting cutbacks.

June 5, 2007 by

Adobe 3

Apollo application manager Christian Cantrell walks through a number of recently released Adobe Actionscript 3 Web API Libraries. Senior product manager Mike Chambers presents Apollo, Adobe’s new cross-OS runtime that allows developers to leverage existing web development skills, such as Flash, Flex, HTML and Ajax, to build and deploy desktop RIAs.

July 10, 2006 by

lekkimworld: Is the lack of Java skills in the Notes/Domino developer community the Achilles´ heel of IBM?

Mikkel Heisterberg totally gets it in termsof where Notes is going and some of the opportunities, and challenges,of Notes in the "Hannover" release (emphasis mine):Thoughsupported it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to build the kindsof composite, networked applications that will be possible with Hannoverusing LotusScript. You'll need Java for these kinds of applications. Thisbrings us back to IBM since this fact will be a real Achilles' heal [sic]when it comes to the adoption and getting the real benefit from the newHannover client. The success of the Hannover client and the applicationspossible will rest on getting the customers to use and new features andbegin to develop composite applications. I don'tknow if Mikkel has my phone tapped, but this is exactly the message I'vebeen delivering to colleagues over the last couple of weeks.  It iscritical that Notes"Hannover" demonstratebest-in-class usability and all the other great things coming, but themain driver for upgrades will be the new value in  "Hannover"-- the fact that for the first time, Notes is more than just a client forDomino. This is a complex thought.  The attention paid to "Hannover"since its announcement last May has been primarily around the major refreshof the user interface.  This gets everybody's attention , eye candyalways does.  But "improved user interface", no matter howamazing the new UI is (and from everything I've seen so far, it totallyrocks), won't necessarily be enough for the CFO to approve an IT projectto upgrade Notes.  Other new things, like activitesand compositeapplications -- now it getsinteresting.   If you remember back a few years to when Lotus first announced "collaborationfor J2EE", one of the driving factors for starting to build what isnow known as Workplace Collaboration Services/Workplace Designer/WorkplaceManaged Client was the coming market shift to Java/J2EE as a mainstreamapplication development language.  I disagree with Mikkel that IBMhasn't been promoting Java to Lotus developers -- look at Lotusphere agendasfor three years running now, and it's clear from jumpstarts to the breakoutsand BoFs that IBM has.  But maybe still not enough.  Becausemany many organizations report now that they are building all new applicationsin J2EE (or in .NET or both), and are less-inclined to build new apps inanything else -- no matter how easy it is to get a Notes application upand running. "Hannover" represents an opportunity to unify two applicationdevelopment worlds -- Notes developers building Notes apps and Java developersbuilding Java apps.The community at large needs to skill-upand get to grips with Java. Now is a good a time as any to get started- rather sooner than later. The reward will be apparent once Hannover isreleased. Composite applications represent a transformation-- Notes does more than just Domino applications.  Understanding thisnow will prepare for "Hannover", and how to better leverage yourNotes investment in the future. Link:lekkimworld: Is the lack of Java skills in the Notes/Domino developer communitythe Achilles' heel of IBM? >

March 27, 2006 by

Google continues to grow

The search engine will employ a further 600 staff in its Dublin office over the next three years, boosting confidence in Ireland's IT skills

December 13, 2005 by

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