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December 5, 2009 by

Is CableCard dead? FCC weighs alternatives.

In theory, CableCards don't seem like a bad idea: Instead of using a set-top box provided by your cable company, you can slide a small card into a device like a PC or TiVo and use that to control your programming options. The first cards were hobbled by their inability to communicate in both directions—able to transmit to the device but not to send signals back from it—which made features like on-demand viewing unavailable.

September 29, 2008 by

New Nero software turns PC into TiVo TV recorder

TiVo and Nero have announced today that they will be launching a package that turns a Windows PC into a TV recorder, much like the TiVo sitting on top of your living room television, called Nero LiquidTV/TiVo PC.Like TiVo's existing TiVo Desktop software, LiquidTV will allow you to transfer shows recorded on other TiVo devices in the home to your PC's hard drive or on an iPod or PSP.

March 12, 2007 by

Amazon Unbox on TiVo works great

Over the past week I've been trying out the new service from TiVo and Amazon that lets you buy and download TV shows and movies. In this review I relate my experiences with ordering, downloading, and viewing content with the new service. To demonstrate a PC is not required I even used a Wii to order one TV episode.

June 26, 2002 by

New Nvidia software mimics TiVo

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia announced that software for recording TV programs on a PC will now ship with PC graphics cards based on its GeForce4 line of chips. The Personal Cinema software allows PCs equipped with a TV signal to record and replay programs using detailed programming guides available over the Internet. The functions are similar to stand-alone personal video recorder such as the TiVo. --David Becker, Special to ZDNet News


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