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AMD pushes Radeon branded RAMDisk

AMD, now looking for ways for you to max out your RAM now that they are in the memory business, has released Radeon-branded version of Dataram's RAMDisk software.

October 11, 2012

Is ReRAM the end of NAND flash?

Toshiba continues to push their Resistance RAM (ReRAM) plans. Sampling starts next year with commercial devices in 2015. Is this the beginning of the end for NAND flash?

July 17, 2012 by

Toshiba embraces Ivy Bridge and 21:9 cinema ratio

Toshiba has refreshed much of its notebook line, including its 'world's-thinnest' Portégé ultrabook, with Intel's 'Ivy Bridge' Core processors.Most of the updated models are being touted as business-friendly, even the Portégé Z930, a follow-on from last year's Z830.

June 5, 2012 by

Kaspersky finds bot that resides in memory

Security company Kaspersky has found a rare kind of malware in the wild that resides in a computer's RAM rather than on the hard drive.The 'fileless' bot is more difficult for antivirus software to detect, and resides in memory until the machine is rebooted, Kaspersky said in a blog post on Friday.

March 20, 2012 by

CES 2012: OWC Jupiter miniSAS and 480GB PCIe RAID

OWC's fast Mac storage takes SSDs out of the MacBook and into shared systems.Other World Computing (OWC) is best known for swap-out SSDs using fast Toshiba flash memory that speed up Macs, with unusually long seven-year guarantees.

January 19, 2012

Researchers début combined quantum processor and RAM

Californian researchers have combined quantum memory with a quantum processor for the first time, making a quantum chip based on von Neumann architecture. The chip needs to be cooled to within a whisker of absolute zero to work, but the work has brought programmable quantum RAM - a "key component" of a future quantum computer – into the real world.

September 4, 2011 by

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