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CES: Toshiba possibly unveiling trio of tablets at CES 2011

CES 2011 is only a few weeks away now, and reports are already emerging that Toshiba is planning to debut three tablet computers with three different operating systems.According to DigiTimes (which is also reporting about a big potential iPad development), there will be one tablet for each Microsoft Windows 7, Google Chrome OS and Android.

December 6, 2010 by

Motion Computing J3400

If you need a rugged tablet PC that can do a full day's work in the field, Motion Computing's wide-screen J3400 will do the job very satisfactorily. However, it's not the lightest tablet we've seen, and you can rack up a big price tag if you pile on the options.

March 16, 2009

Patent troll sues high-tech over playlists

The patent troll of the week is Premier International Associates, which, Ars Technica reports, which has filed suit against Microsoft, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Viacom, Real, Napster, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Sandisk. For what?

September 14, 2007 by

Bott: News of a discontinued Windows XP in 2008 is pretty much bunk

Here in the ZDNet blogosphere, Ed Bott completely busts the myth that companies should start stocking up on Windows XP because Microsoft is going to discontinue selling it early next year. Bott writes:It’s true that as of January 31, 2008, Microsoft will no longer distribute Windows XP licenses to its largest customers, the so-called royalty OEMs like Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, and Lenovo.....

April 19, 2007 by

Microsoft "officially" announces Windows Mobile 6

Microsoft was forced to unveil their new operating system, Windows Mobile 6.0, last week due to a breach of NDA by a media source and today they posted the "official" press release. A couple of exciting bits of news that can be found in the press release that were not revealed last week are that future T-Mobile Dash devices in the U.S. will come with Windows Mobile 6 and existing owners like myself will be able to upgrade our devices to Windows Mobile 6, Orange will deliver the SPV E650, and SoftBank Mobile Corp will offer new devices from Toshiba and HTC in mid-2007. Yes, that's right it looks like Toshiba is coming back to the world of Windows Mobile and hopefully we'll see more details about the hardware soon. Look for lots of hardware details soon from 3GSM in Spain.The first Windows Mobile 6 hardware revealed at 3GSM is the Samsung SCH-i760 and a couple photos are included in this post. I saw this unique Windows Mobile 6 Professional device at CES, yet it did not have a battery so I didn't get to see it in action. The Samsung SCH-i760 has an original phone keypad with an offset directional pad on the bottom left with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

February 11, 2007 by

Image Gallery: Toshiba's first retail-targeted 4.1-pound ultra-portable runs Vista

As Microsoft was revving its engines for the launch of Windows Vista, notebook manufacturers like Toshiba were clearly looking for special niches to fill in the market when it came to offering Vista-enabled notebooks and one result of that process is the company's newest versions of its Satellite U205 notebook lineup (available starting February 6, 2007). According to Toshiba, the new U205 is "Toshiba’s first ultra-portable notebook for the retail market.

February 1, 2007 by

Tablet PC shipments fizzle out

Despite a much-hyped launch and an influx of new vendors, tablet PCs are not exactly flying off the shelves, according to new figures from Canalys, which says Microsoft is to blame

July 30, 2003 by

Toshiba Portégé 3500

Toshiba has done a good job of designing a convertible Tablet PC, although it is heavier than some of the slate-style competition. The pen interface isn't perfect, but this is principally a software issue.

November 11, 2002 by

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