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February 17, 2011 by

Five years to commercial nanotube transistors?

Researchers in Japan have come up with a new transistor manufacturing technique that they claim will squeeze the best performance enhancements out of carbon nanotubes, without losing the on/off ratio of a good semiconductor.The Nagoya University researchers say they have demonstrated flexible integrated circuits that "are capable of sequential logic" - a first for a transistor made from carbon nanotubes.

November 9, 2010 by

Nvidia gets back in the game with the GeForce GTX 580

It has been a long and bumpy road for Fermi, but with the GeForce GTX 580, which was announced today, Nvidia seems to be delivering on the promise of its new GPU architecture. Based on a new GF110 GPU, the GTX 580 has been "re-engineered from the transistor-level up" to increase performance and reduce power consumption.

April 21, 2010 by

Energy-efficient lighting dominates facilities managers' energy efficiency efforts

Turns out there a really good reason that our posts about more efficient lighting technology tend to get more traffic than the norm here at GreenTech Pastures: Facilities managers polled as part of the latest Energy Efficiency Indicator point to lighting as not only their top energy-efficiency measure, but also the green technology that has the best price-performance ratio.

April 2, 2010 by

Android 2.1 update causes major 2D slowdown on Droid

Verizon has begun rolling out an over the air update for the Motorola Droid Sholes, but early adopters say that the Android 2.1 update is causing noticeable performance problems for some applications. In one case, frame rates dropped from a smooth 60 frames per second down to 30.

September 14, 2009 by

How long should a Windows 7 upgrade really take?

How long does it take to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7? Last weekend, several leading tech websites zeroed in on one alarming snippet of data that a Microsoft tester published on his Technet blog: With the right combination of hardware and data, a Vista-to-7 upgrade can take more than 20 hours. That data point leaves plenty of room for snark and trepidation. But does it actually represent performance that you’re likely to encounter in the real world? I've got the real story.

March 2, 2009 by

Samsung's NX hybrid digital cameras unveiled, bridging gap between dSLR and compact point-and-shoot

Just a day before the official start of PMA 2009, electronics giant Samsung has announced its new NX Series, a new family of hybrid digital cameras that offer the performance and image quality of a dSLR and the portability and convenience of a compact point-and-shoot.Like conventional digital SLRs, the NX Series utilizes an APS-C sized image sensor, providing a much larger surface area to gather light and produce higher-quality images.

September 3, 2008 by

Motorola MC75

Enterprises looking to deploy a rugged, versatile mobile device will be impressed by the Motorola MC75's range of features. However, you pay a premium for smartphone functionality in a hardened form; this phone is not only tough, it is massive to the point of being unwieldy.

July 1, 2008 by

Skype Hires New COO - from Motorola

Skype announced today that they have created a new position, Chief Operating Officer, and hired someone from Motorola for that position. Considering the performance of Motorola in the cell phone market recently, it seems to me like it should be a good fit.

June 23, 2008 by

Can a cell phone replace your digital camera?

If you ask the likes of Motorola and Sony Ericsson the answer is yes, of course. Both phone makers have recently announced camera phones with (relatively) high-resolution cameras that may be capable of replacing your point-and-shoot digital camera.

June 4, 2008 by

Fixing Windows Vista, Part 5: Faster, smarter search

In previous installments of this series, I discussed the virtues of a clean Vista install, some useful User Account Control workarounds, top tools for troubleshooting, and the wisdom of shutting off Windows system services. Today’s fifth and final installment is a little different from its predecessors. It focuses not so much on fixing what might be broken, but rather on taking advantage of a feature in Windows Vista that has the potential to transform the way you work. Through the years, I’ve tried just about every third-party desktop search utility for Windows. But I threw them all away after a few weeks of using Vista’s built-in Windows Search capability. In this post, I’ll explain how Windows Search works, how to monitor the SearchIndexer service to avoid potential performance problems, and how to speed up indexing operations on the fly. I'll also point you to an update that every Windows Vista user should install right now.

February 4, 2008 by

Cosmic threat to tomorrow's computers

Intel's first two billion transistor processor, details of which appeared yesterday, is quite the beast. Tukwila is four cores of 2GHz Itanium embedded in 30 megabytes of on-chip cache, together with Intel's next-generation memory controller/cross-point interconnect - which, as any supercomputer designer will tell you, is as important as the details of the rest of the logic.


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