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SystHeal Optimizer

SystHeal Pro v2.2 is one of the cogent and reliable software optimizer that has various efficacious features creditable for provide...

February 16, 2014 By Systheal

A Promise Kept - Never Again Nokia

A few months ago, when the Trojan Horse from Microsoft made the decision to switch Nokia to Windows Phone, I swore that I would never buy another Nokia product. Yesterday was the first time that I put that promise into action.

November 15, 2011 by

Microsoft targets SpyEye with MSRT

Microsoft has included remediation for the SpyEye banking Trojan in its Malicious Software Removal Tool.The SpyEye form grabber, which goes after authentication details, tries to hide on systems to make detection more difficult, Microsoft said in a blog post on Wednesday.

October 14, 2011 by

Malware found in Lenovo software package

Computer maker Lenovo is shipping a malware-infected software package to Windows XP users, according to warning from anti-virus researchers at Microsoft.The malicious file was identified by Microsoft as Win32/Meredrop, a Trojan dropper that is used to install and execute multiple malicious executables on an infected computer.

November 19, 2008 by

Tom Duff called it

Several weeks ago, I linkedto Tom Duff's comments regarding Microsoft's non-presencein the Lotusphere 2006 product showcase.  At the time, we had lotsof voices from Redmond tell me that Lotus wasn't doing the right thingfor mutual customers, that the mission was around coexistence and interoperability,not migration.  Two observations have been made in recentdays that seem to expose the trojan horse for what I said it was.  First,Ben Langhinrichs noted that Microsoft seems to have a self-servingdefinition of the word "coexistence". Second, my blogdigger feeds today caught thisentry from Microsoft's James Conrad. He describes his new role at Microsoft, managing a team of evangelists. One mission in particular seems telling:Lotus NotesMigration (Gary Devendorf)That seems to settle that. Itdoes for Tom as well:But can we now officially cut the kumbaya crap about just wanting to helpus Domino developers out?  Your job is evangelizing Notes migration. You work for Microsoft now, not Lotus.  And if you representMicrosoft in any official capacity at an event, you also represent theirposition.   Regardless of what you might want us to believe (or what*you* personally believe) otherwise... Richpicked this up on Yellowisthenewblack.comas well.

February 13, 2006 by

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