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September 5, 2012 by

Where's Valve going with Linux?

It's becoming increasingly apparent that video game development and online distribution company Valve is serious about Linux. But desktop Linux has a 1 percent usage share. Surely there's more to this development effort than meets the eye?

September 1, 2010 by

iOS usage surpasses Linux - by a whisker

The Linux OS has spent years scrabbling to claim a 1% usage share, and ultimately never managing to hold onto it, data by web metrics firm NetMarketShare shows that take Apple's iOS platform has breezed past it to the number three spot in the operating systems league table.

June 11, 2009 by

One week with my Palm Pre-cious reveals the good and bad

Tomorrow morning will mark the end of my first week with the Palm Pre after waiting in line in Hawaii for a few hours to ensure I could pick one up. Like the T-Mobile G1 that I bought on launch day last Fall, the Palm Pre runs a new Linux-based OS and both mobile operating systems have been surprisingly quite functional and stable. There are several things I love about the Pre and a few I do not like so let's take a look at the device and Sprint service after my first week of usage where I will also offer up some thoughts on how and/or what could be improved with updates or future devices. You can check out my image gallery and video below for some visuals of the Palm Pre as well.

April 29, 2008 by

iPhone-optimized Evernote client improves an already great service

I've been having a ton more followers of my Twitter feed lately and just added the Evernote feed to my account. I then found out that Ars Technica posted a review of Evernote and also revealed the new iPhone formatted Evernote site. As readers know, I am a big fan of Evernote and as they continue to improve the product my usage continues to increase. This new optimized iPhone site allows you to access your same Evernote web account that you can access from your web-enabled phone, Mac, Linux or Windows PC.

March 1, 2004 by

Linux leads in Asian embedded/RTOS market

Gartner/DataQuest and EE Times Asia have collaborated on a survey which has found embedded Linux to now be the most commonly used operating system among Asian embedded developers. Linux was strongest in Taiwan, claiming 50% of RTOS usage for 2003 projects and 63% of projected 2004 projects.

March 6, 2003 by

Linux spreads fast in Asia

A survey of Asian IT managers predicts that Linux usage will grow by 24 percent--double the growth rate of Unix and quadruple the growth rate of Microsoft.

June 19, 2002 by

Freshwater releases SiteScope for Linux

Freshwater Software, a Mercury Interactive subsidiary based in Boulder, Colo., has released a Linux version of its Web site monitoring SiteScope software, the company said this week. The product, previously available to run on Windows and Unix computers, lets system administrators monitor services such as server availability, database-transaction completion, streaming media availability, processor usage and Web site traffic. SiteScope starts at $1,995 and increases according to how many software services are being monitored. Customers using SiteScope to monitor their Web sites include Intel, EMC, America Online, Citibank, Cable & Wireless, Microsoft, Digex and Qualcomm. --Stephen Shankland, Special to ZDNet News

February 26, 2002 by

Beta released of Opera 6.0 for Linux

Opera Software has released a new beta, or test, version of its Web browser for Linux. Opera 6.0 for Linux Beta 1 is designed to provide users of the open-source operating system with a faster, easier-to-use browser, the company said in a statement. The Oslo, Norway-based company also added non-Roman alphabets to the browser in an effort to increase usage in Asia and Eastern Europe. Additional features include the ability to create contact lists, to import bookmarks and other files, and to use most Netscape plug-ins. The release comes several months after a counterpart was offered for the Windows operating system. Opera offers free versions of its browsers, but advertising is attached. Ad-free Opera costs $39. Paying users of Opera 5.x for Linux can upgrade for free to the 6.0 beta. Paying users of Opera 4.x can upgrade for $15. --Julie Laing, Special to ZDNet News


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