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Look Trojan Stop

Look Trojan Stop is used to scan and remove Trojan horses, viruses, and spyware from your PC, and protect your PC. You can remove Trojan...

January 14, 2013 By LoySoft

PC vs. Mac: 'If you're ready to compromise, you call me'

After almost four months of silence, another two editions of Apple's "Get a Mac" advertising campaign have arrived, this time pounding their chests about the same talking points: a PC may be faster, but a Mac has no viruses and no headaches.And what do you know, the redheaded girl in the video recalls, without emulating entirely, Lauren from the first entry in Microsoft's "Laptop Hunters" ad campaign.

August 25, 2009 by

Stronghold Antivirus

Stronghold Antivirus is an antivirus and antispyware software that provides both superior real-time pro-active (on-access) and on-demand...

January 18, 2012 By Security Stronghold

Apple: Mac users should run multiple anti-virus

One of Apple's better Mac vs PC ads features a strong message that Windows computers are a magnet for viruses (malware) but Macs are automatically protected.  As PC "ah-choos" his way through an infection, Mac offers a tissue and smugly infers that he's immune to the 114,000 Windows viruses.

December 1, 2008 by

Sophos founder claims Mac viruses are spreading

The co-founder of antivirus firm Sophos said that the Apple Mac is not a virus-free platform; he also believes that Windows can be as secure as Linux -- if it is configured correctly.In a video interview with ZDNet Australia on Thursday, Dr Jan Hruska, who co-founded Sophos and was one of the first ever PC antivirus experts, said that viruses on the Mac are here and now.

June 8, 2007 by

Returnil System Safe Free 2011

Returnil's unique combination of anti-malware, system restore and virtualization technologies will keep your computers protected. When...

September 13, 2010 By Returnil

Mobile viruses set to explode

While the current generation of viruses for mobile phones are largely a theoretical problem, their rapid evolution means they will pose a major threat in the future, security experts have warned."What took 20 years to develop on the PC has taken about two years on mobile devices," David Emm, senior technology consultant for Kaspersky Lab, told a conference on business continuity in London recently.

October 31, 2006 by

91% of emails in India are spam

91% of email traffic sent to Indian PC users is spam, according to MessageLabs. United Arab Emirates had the highest rate of viruses transmission, with one virus received per 13.

March 1, 2006 by

PCs out sick more than users

The average UK PC is rendered unusable for the equivalent of around nine working days every year because the owner is cleaning up spam or fighting viruses.

June 25, 2004 by

Let the script kiddies play in the sandbox

Ever heard of sandboxing? It's a technology that safeguards your PC from viruses by running them in a protected environment, so they can't harm your data. One company is using this idea for more than just Windows.

March 20, 2002 by

Gateway's new services target security

PC maker Gateway on Thursday announced new services aimed at protecting the computers and computer networks of consumers and small businesses. Companies and individuals have been focusing more of their attention on security lately, and Gateway's new services, available now, are aimed at addressing those concerns. "These services are apropos given the environment," IDC analyst Roger Kay said. "Security is all the rage, and you can always sell against fear. It's a sign of the times." Gateway said its services offer big-business security to small businesses and consumers. The services are meant to defend office and home networks from hackers and viruses as well as filter out inappropriate Web content for children. --Richard Shim, Special to ZDNet News

February 14, 2002 by

McAfee Internet Security 4.0

Most people won't need the extra security tools in McAfee Internet Security 4.0. You're better off buying the standalone VirusScan 6.0, or Norton AntiVirus 2002, and downloading a free firewall such as ZoneAlarm.

January 16, 2002 by

SystemSuite 4.0

This well-designed suite of PC utilities is the perfect solution if you're looking for a huge number of features at a low price.

November 12, 2001 by

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